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Appetite for Infura Web3 Development Tools Increases 250% In Less Than a Year

The Infura suite of blockchain developer tools has experienced a 250% increase in active users in less than a year; announces the product’s developer ConsenSys

Infura’s user base has increased by 250%, from 100,000 to 350,000 developers in less than a year.

The Infura platform offers API services to quickly connect to Ethereum and other networks such as IPFS, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism, making it easier for Web3 developers to build applications and Web2 developers to join the blockchain ecosystem.

Infura’s growth aligns with the rising number of dApps being built on Ethereum, which increased by 10% between September 2020 and 2021.

13% of Infura’s network requests are now on Layer 2 networks, indicating an increasing demand for Ethereum scaling solutions.

Michael Godsey, General Manager and Head of Product, Infura
Michael Godsey, General Manager and Head of Product, Infura

“This explosion of developers shows a demand to innovate and we are going to see applications we never even dreamed of. Infura is honored to help developers on their journey,” said Michael Godsey, General Manager and Head of Product at Infura.

Web3 Innovation Powered by Infura

Infura provides the critical infrastructure behind DeFi players like Uniswap, MakerDAO, Zapper, MetaMask, and sustainable Layer 2 networks such as Palm, which have launched NFT projects from Damien Hirst, HENI, Art Blocks, Sorare, and Async Art.

While amassing more than 350,000 developers, Infura also saw a rise of creative use cases being built on Ethereum that are disrupting other traditional industries; including use cases featuring Decentraland, Mask Network, Energy Web and Kleros.

“Energy Web uses Infura to power the RPC nodes of the Energy Web Chain (EWC) to ETH bridge. The almost 2,000 users of the bridge rely on the RPC nodes to work in order to facilitate the flow of tokens. Infura has provided stellar service reliability,” said Micha Roon, Chief Innovation Officer of Energy Web Foundation.

“Decentraland is a virtual social world created, owned, and governed by its users. This is the very definition of the Metaverse – a shared virtual ecosystem driven by community. Infura has powered the platform’s backend since day one with critical infrastructure that’s helped it scale,” said Adam de Cata, Head Of Partnerships at Decentraland Foundation.

“Kleros is creating a justice system for the Metaverse. Infura is a key partner to move smoothly and swiftly so we can build this future,” said Federico Ast, Founder of Kleros.

Building developer tools, experiences, and education to build Web3

Infura is the dedicated partner developers can count on and recently released new product features such as a more intuitive dashboard, operational analytics and API usage notifications to ensure their applications are exactly what developers need to bring Web3 to the world.

Last September, Infura also announced the public release of Infura Transactions (ITX) to ensure transactions on Ethereum go through smoothly and quickly at the best prices.

To continue to support developers on their journey to Web3, Infura, together with the ConsenSys Academy, is developing a global blockchain ecosystem by bridging the Ethereum knowledge gap. Diversity is among its main objectives, ensuring through a grant programme that there is a diverse pool of Web2 developers that join the Ethereum ecosystem.


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