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4 Online Risks That Could Harm Your Start-Up

When you start any business, there are lots of factors that you will need to think about, but online security might be something that gets forgotten with so many other items on your list to consider. However, there are a number of online risks that can significantly harm your startup, or even prevent it from launching at all. Here are some of the biggest to look out for.

Viruses And Malware

Viruses and malware (short for malicious software) come in a variety of different forms, but all of them will do damage to your equipment and your reputation if you are not careful. At the very least, a program such as this will make your computer’s performance much less user-friendly. At the worst, you could lose all the sensitive data that is stored on your computer network. If this happens, you could lose your entire business; not only will you need to potentially recompense the clients who are affected in some way, but your reputation will be ruined, and new clients will be hard to come by.

Install software from McAfee that will protect your computer from these dangerous viruses. This will stop emails containing malware from being downloaded, and make you aware of anything that might have the potential to harm your computer.

Cloud Sharing

It is a constant mantra these days that the cloud is good and should be used as much as possible. It makes file sharing easier, and it creates better efficiency in business, for example. It is also meant to be much safer and more secure than emailing sensitive information. This is true – it is safer and more secure. However, that doesn’t mean that cyberattacks can’t or won’t happen, and it doesn’t mean that security can be lax.

Make sure you understand the risks involved before using any form of cloud-based software. Although it can be extremely useful for businesses, you do need to understand what might happen and have a backup plan just in case.

Social Media

Much like the cloud, social media is touted as being something that all businesses need to be using these days. It is a great way to market to your exact audience for a relatively small amount of money (or even for nothing if you can write great content and use SEO wisely).

However, as with everything in life, there are risks involved. Social media is not secure, no matter what level of privacy you are using or which platform you prefer. Breaches can happen fairly easily, so it is vital that you never post sensitive information on a platform such as this. If you do need to pass this information across, it is better to use cloud-based technology, as long as you still understand the risks.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices can be just as easily hacked as a laptop computer can, so it is vitally important to be vigilant. Don’t click on any strange text messages; don’t open any emails that look suspicious, and definitely don’t open any attachments.

Mobile devices are a threat to security if they are lost or stolen as well, providing a cybercriminal with the ideal base and all the information for an online attack. Keep your devices safe and with you at all times. If you cannot, leave it at home instead.


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