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2MR Labs Completes Investment and Partnership Series to Drive Web3 Adoption Across Asia

Digital assets launchpad 2MR Labs has unveiled a series of strategic investments and partnerships, completed with an aim to redefine Asia’s digital landscape and drive widespread adoption of Web3 technologies and strategies.

Five brands have collaborated with the Asia-based 2MR Labs, to impact 2MR Labs’ growth and its ability to deliver real-world value to a diverse audience through Web3 technology.

  1. Plug and Play APAC, the global startup innovation platform
  2. The Assembly Place, a community-focused co-living company
  3. PG, a Web3 venture builder
  4. MetaOne, a Web3 gaming platform
  5. UKISS Technology, a self-custody cold wallet provider

Arthur Lin, CEO and co-founder of 2MR Labs, discussed the partnerships: “The latest investments and partnerships by our strong supporters signal that we are on the right path ahead – to drive innovative Web3 solutions for burgeoning brands in the SEA region. We will continue to integrate real-world assets with utility digital assets that will stand the test of time and that will also spark curiosity in technology enthusiasts around the world.”

“Unlocking Web3 opportunities”

As part of 2MR Labs’ partnership with Plug and Play APAC, it hopes to facilitate the transition of Plug and Play’s business network into the Web3 era with a robust digital transformation framework. The framework will encompass strategy, guidelines and best practices for blockchain integration and transformation.

Jupe Tan, managing director of Plug and Play APAC, commented: “Our investment in 2MR Labs solidifies our dedication to unlocking Web3 opportunities for our corporate partners and startup networks. With a robust digital transformation framework, we will be at the forefront of the transformative wave of Web3 and poised to lead the charge. I am immensely proud to lead our team into this exciting new chapter, where we will guide businesses into the new era of blockchain integration and innovation.”

Meanwhile, its alliance with The Assembly Place will look to combine 2MR Labs’ digital assets launchpad service with The Assembly Place’s resident community and business network. This collaboration will integrate Web3 strategies and technologies into the daily lives of the residents.

Eugene Lim, CEO and founder of The Assembly Place, also shared his thoughts on the partnership: “With our co-living business approaching the target of 1500 rooms in the coming months, I strongly believe now is the right time to adopt a Web3 strategy with a trusted partner. Digital transformation and blockchain are here to stay and must be accepted and embraced and we believe that our community will benefit from the utilities offered through 2MR Labs’ digital launchpad services.”

“Poised to revolutionise blockchain integration in Asia”

PG’s investment will elevate 2MR Labs’ explore-to-earn game Giants Planet, enabling the delivery of real-world value to its community members. This strategic partnership also signifies both parties’ commitment to onboard Web2 brands and non-crypto native users into the Web3 space. Other possibilities including loyalty programs and community management will also further drive adoption and engagement.

Ken Hagino, CFO of PG, remarked: “We are proud to collaborate with 2MR Labs, Asia’s premier NFT launchpad, to lead their transition into the Web3 space. Through our robust network, expert support, and strategic guidance, 2MR Labs is poised to revolutionise blockchain integration in Asia, bridging Web2 to Web3 while fostering close-knit communities.”

2MR Labs’ partnership with MetaOne sees the Web3 gaming platform’s gamer community integrated into 2MR Labs’ Giants Planet reward ecosystem. The move aims to provide more rewards and benefits to MetaOne’s growing user base. 2MR Labs will also offer strategic support to MetaOne’s business development and global expansion plans, creating an exciting synergy for both platforms.

Finally, the partnership with Singapore-based blockchain security expert, UKISS Technology, involves collaborating on a co-branded hardware wallet – Hugware® X 2MR – enabling simple and secure Web3 adoption amongst businesses and individuals. This partnership empowers the community with a state-of-the-art self-custody private key management solution coupled with real-world assets’ utility.


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