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Brexit and the Future of British Fintech

Directions to UK polling station

London is at the heart of the worlds of Tech and Finance (lending, investment and insurance). This geographical win means that London has had the opportunity to not only hand pick the best talent from the UK and all over Europe, but also allow the city to become Europe’s fintech ...

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BREXIT – 10 Reasons why Brexit would be bad for UK FinTech


This article follows the opinion piece in favour of Brexit we published yesterday. Below, you’ll find a report on Brexit by Ian Dowson of William Garrity Associates that has been commissioned by London FinTech Week 2016, being held in London July 15th – 22nd 2016. Impact of Brexit on the UK’s European ...

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BREXIT – One Leaver’s point of view


Fintech is one of the industry that will be hugely affected by the outcome of Brexit. Within the past months, we heard various opinions and points of view from different entrepreneurs, politicians and people outside the industry. At the dawn of the referendum, we decided to publish two different opinion ...

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From Clicks to Bricks: the Story of the Fintech Book


Over 5000 copies of The FINTECH Book were sold globally and it is among the top ‘finance’ releases on Amazon.  In the world of finance we hear the bon mot ‘from bricks to clicks’ quite often. But now there is something new – the exact opposite – emerging: ‘from clicks ...

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Former chairman of Onesavings Bank joins Lendinvest


Stephan Wilcke, former Executive Chairman of OneSavings Bank, has joined LendInvest, the UK’s £660 million online lender for property finance, as a Senior Adviser. Stephan’s financial services career spans nearly 25 years and combines a distinctive mix of leadership roles at commercial, government-backed and regulatory institutions. Stephan was Executive Chairman ...

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Neema: the startup that helps migrant workers

Barak Ben Ezer CEO & co-founder of Neema

New fintech startup issues MasterCard for migrant workers from the Philippines, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka One of the biggest expenses for migrant workers is the cost of sending money to their family abroad. Migrant workers are often taken advantage of by banks and other financial institutions where they are ...

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Fintech is dead, long live Fintech!


The first Fintech wave has passed its peak. OK, I know I’m not inventing sliced bread here, but if you are one of those people fervently expecting the buzz to translate into the full rebirth of traditional banking anytime soon, well, you’d better hold your horses. Don’t get me wrong, ...

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Fintech is playing the long game


Our team has been actively investing in fintech for the past two years. In addition to reading pitches from hundreds of companies and meeting with dozens, half of our team has worked in the finance sector in previous careers. SparkLabs Global has invested in 13 fintech companies from the U.S., U.K. and ...

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Reimagining Insurance

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 3.58.33 pm

Innovative Fintech companies are disrupting the value chain, and creating whole new ways of buying, assessing, recommending and using insurance. Felix Anthonj, CEO of insurance communications platform experto, says: “The new entrants have noticed that the insurance industry has slept for the past decade and basically no innovation has happened. ...

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Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)


The FinTech world is buzzing about PSD2. Should banks be worried? European banks are finally realising the magnitude of the revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), which will force them to provide account information to third parties via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that cut out transaction intermediaries. PSD2 aims to: ...

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How can b2B companies properly understand their clients?

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.55.18 am

b2B (small business to big business) companies, including fintechs, often find it a challenge to get to grips with the realities faced by their differently scaled clients. As ever in these matches, communication is key, but how can a team, or even an entire company, engage with a major client ...

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