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The Future of Fintech: iBe TSE


I disagree that Apple, Google and other big corporations extending their tentacles into the fintech market should be viewed as a bad thing. They have a real affinity with startups and, within the years, they aligned culturally and crucially their view on fintechs as a necessary part of their business ...

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The Future of Fintech: REVOLUT


Brexit was an outcome I think it’s fair to say that the majority of the UK fintech community was neither desiring or expecting, but whenever there is change and uncertainty, there is opportunity. Now that the dust is settling, it is time to take a dispassionate view and focus on ...

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A customer-centric revolution, insurance industry congregates to discuss change


The insurance industry including carriers, brokers, agents and marketing experts will meet on September 19 & 20 2016 in Chicago at the Insurance2Customer USA Summit hosted by Insurance Nexus, a division of FC Business Intelligence. The insurance industry is transforming from product-centric to customer-centric, driven by increasing customer expectations, innovative ...

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APIs are good medicine


RBS has been formulating its API strategy over the past few months. APIs will enable us to extend our banking platform and capabilities to third party application providers as well business customers, both large and small. This is why the strategy discussion should not be limited to a discussion about ...

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The User Experience in Lending – Where should it be?


Speed and trust are vital for unsecured lenders; these being attributes that our research highlighted as the greatest influences when a consumer selects a lender. But what about the customer journey over the full life-cycle of their loan? User experience hasn’t always been at the forefront of lenders’ minds, but given the rapid technological ...

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SMEs and Start-ups: What lies ahead in the future of Fintech?


Investment by Apple, Google and now Intel into the fintech market strikes fear into many small and startup companies that are currently in or contemplating their entry into this market. But should they worry? We have seen it already in other industries: with the massive resources available to them, the ...

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Creative TECH’ v Complacent FIN’.


Today, the fintech industry is in the early stages of cooperation and collaboration. To accelerate the true fintech arena, real commitment to partnership is a must. But you can’t assume all tech companies want to partner. Many do, but others have absolutely no interest and want to disrupt the ‘complacent ...

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The Networks Economy


In the past few months everyone has been talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, defined by World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab as the transformation of humankind led by technological innovations in the physical, digital, and biological spheres. This revolution will indeed change the world, will substitute humans with robots ...

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Grace Systems crowned MoneyConf’s best startup

Katia Lang, CEO and Co-Founder of Disrupts Media, interviewed Salvador Garcìa Andres, CEO and Co-Founder of Ebury at MoneyConf

Fintech leaders from across the globe came together to discuss the future of banking and technology at MoneyConf in Madrid. Dutch data science and data mining provider Grace Systems won the title of most promising company in the fintech industry. After three rounds of pitching to audiences, Dutch firm Grace ...

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TechUnity – Our Voice

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.04.17 pm

They say a week is a long time in politics but over the last ten days I don’t think anyone would have predicted either the outcome of the EU Referendum, or indeed the shenanigans and Shakespearean dramas that have unfolded.  As I write this we are about to have the ...

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