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Zetly Sport Metaverse To Allow Clubs to Issue Their Own Money

Technological partners Zetly, Transmira, Haste Arcade and PowChess, have announced a sport metaverse pilot programme.

Based on the solutions of the web3 ecosystem, blockchain networks and digital technologies, Zetly will transfer a limited number of selected sports clubs to the metaverse, helping them to create a virtual non-fungible token (NFT) fan merchandise and virtual ‘Play2Earn’ (P2E) games.

The pilot will link the club’s 3D and NFT objects to real-world assets and products, enabling creators and brands to monetise the new economy.

Clubs will be able to use the solutions of the sports platform All-in-One Zetly to issue their own club tokens, create their own NFT, organise crowdfunding campaigns and offer sets of digital collections.

The programme includes a 3D digital twin of the football stadium and its surroundings, creating a twin stadium virtually, providing a place where fans can meet from anywhere in the world.

The solution will create new opportunities for clubs to monetise their involvement. Football club sponsors will be able to present their products in a virtual space, while club partners will be able to set up their virtual stores.

Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira
Robert Rice, CEO, Transmira

“The sport metaverse is an opportunity for development and a tool to engage fans, which is an ideal investment for those who put a close relationship with their fans first,” says Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira, a company that creates solutions on the BSV blockchain, which combines AR augmented reality, VR virtual reality and 3D spaces with the real world.

“In this project, we want to use the experience gained during the 3D scanning of buildings in Los Angeles. We are convinced that our platform is the perfect partner for Zetly in the sports programme.”

P2E solutions will be another element of the sport metaverse. Zetly, together with participating clubs, will offer fans games that will allow them to earn instant leaderboard payouts (ILPs), along with tokens and NFTs of the club that can be used within the games.

P2E solutions will allow fans to expand their knowledge both virtually and live, for example about the city to which their favourite team is going. Fans will be able to earn tokens for their team or NFT awards by visiting places virtually, or in the real world, and learning about the history of a given club.

These solutions will be implemented in cooperation with Haste Arcade.

“We will provide the clubs participating in the Zetly pilot programme and their fans with a solution using ILP, a virtual scoreboard that allows instant real-time micropayments for participants,” explains Joe De Pinto, co-founder of Haste Arcade.

The programme will also include an NFT digital fan store; a virtual shop of club products sold in the form of NFTs.

“In addition to the sports metaverse solutions, the digital fan shop or games in the virtual space, the sport metaverse Zetly programme allows clubs to issue their own virtual club currency – the club token, using its platform. Thanks to the tokens, it will be possible to pay for real and virtual products and services offered by clubs,” said Michał Glijer, CEO of Zetly.

Additionally, each participating club will have access to an educational package, which will include personalised workshops for knowledge development.


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