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Women Take Control of Their Financial Journey With Female Focused Financial Platform, Financielle

Financielle, the first female focused financial platform owned by sisters, Laura Pomfret and Holly Holland, has launched its new free app today – aiming to help women take control of their financial journey.  

Financielle approaches money content differently just like women think about finances differently. The content is curated to reflect the struggles and hurdles women face every day in the context of their personal finances. Addressing issues head on such as the gender pay gap, the financial impact of maternity leave, social pressures to conform to expensive beauty standards, how buy now pay later only benefits the provider and retailer and how taking action of our financial future as early as possible will protect us in the future.

The app, which is launched off the back of a global community 37,000-strong aims to revolutionise a financial services market that fails to meet the needs of women.

“Financial products are built for men, by men. Even a well-known leading money management app refers to their AI budgeting tool as a passive personal assistant ‘she helps you’,” says co-founder Holland.

Pomfret adds “Women are behind in every area of personal finance: literacy, pay and wealth.  This is compounded by the fact that women are also aggressively targeted by consumer brands, with buy now pay later options. We just couldn’t see anyone tackling these problems head on.”

Sisters Laura Pomfret, and Holly Holland gave up their careers in the travel industry earlier this year to focus on growing Financielle and empowering women all over the country.

The brand, who’s KPI is ‘number of people helped’ has assisted thousands of women take control of their financial planning with free resources including an active online community, budgeting and net worth tools, jargon busting content around financial products, and normalising talk about pensions and investments.

“We walk with women on their money journey, supporting them through key life-events such as debt problems, buying a first home and a need to build a sufficient pension for the future.  Our content is aimed at everyone, regardless of your life stage and we have had such amazing success, with beauty business owners paying off thousands of pounds of personal debt during the pandemic, to community members being able to cash-flow IVF babies,” said Pomfret.

The vision for Financielle is to continue to help women through normalising money talk, providing free tools and content to assist with financial planning whilst challenging banks and financial brands to think about the way they talk to women.

“Financielle has made personal finance cool for me and my friends. We now sit and talk about money over a glass of wine and support each other on our financial journeys. We’ve now all taken out a pension and are looking to dip our toe into other investments. We never would have done this before.” said a Financielle Community Member

Another said, “I was so privileged to be one of the first people to download The Financielle App, and the way it has helped our family is amazing. With the help and guidance of the The Financielle Playbook we managed to cash flow five rounds of IVF, and have recently welcomed our 2nd little boy just a few short weeks ago. The fact that we had the money available for each round was amazing, and definitely took some of the stress away that IVF brings. The next step in our money journey was to start bringing in some extra income streams, and we have recently started up Bear & Bub baby bags. We have cash flowed all the stock and samples and start up costs and hope to re-invest the profits to allow this little venture to grow.

“One of the biggest tips I would give anyone is pay off the debt as soon as you can. Laura taught me this a few years ago and it’s been the best piece of advice. We own our cars outright, and the only debt we have is the mortgage. It’s been a game changer having the extra money each week to save/invest.”


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