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Wix Partners With Global-e to Support Merchant Expansion With Cross-Border eCommerce Solution

Wix, the SaaS website builder platform, has partnered with Global-e Online, the direct-to-consumer cross-border eCommerce enabler, to offer its merchants an advanced international cross-border selling solution.

The new partnership builds on Wix’s existing eCommerce capabilities, empowering merchants to expand their businesses by tapping into Global-e’s industry-leading cross-border functionalities and providing an opportunity to effortlessly enter and sell in new global markets.

With Global-e, Wix merchants will be able to provide their customers with a fully localised checkout, support multiple currency transactions, benefit from customisable pricing capabilities, as well as have the ability to tailor their offering to specific markets.

The partnership ensures that Wix merchants can present pricing and accept payments in over 100 currencies, enabling their global customers to browse and buy in their local currency. It also enables them to set different prices for products in different countries to better cater to regional markets – alongside advanced tax and duty setup in alignment with local market regulations and best practices, providing global customers with the total cost of their purchase at checkout.

Supporting business growth across the globe
Oren Inditzky, VP of online stores at Wix
Oren Inditzky, VP of online stores at Wix

Oren Inditzky, VP of online stores at Wix, commented: “We are empowering our merchants to grow their business in the global marketplace and provide them with the tools they need for streamlined international expansion.

“Our collaboration with Global-e removes the complications involved in selling online internationally, enabling Wix merchants to maximise their reach globally, and breaking down barriers to international commerce.

“Global-e’s expertise in global eCommerce aligns seamlessly with our mission to democratise eCommerce and empower online businesses of all sizes around the world. Together, we are enabling merchants to grow their business and thrive globally.”

Wix merchants can also leverage Global-e’s proprietary data-driven business intelligence models to optimise their global offerings and speed up time to market.

Dan Brow, vice president of global partnerships at Global-e, also added: “The global D2C e-commerce market is consistently growing, presenting brands an immense opportunity to drive growth and generate new revenue streams. However, the ‘global market’ is not one market, rather it’s an amalgamation of hundreds of markets, each with its own characteristics, regulations and local consumer preferences.

“To succeed globally, brands need to know and adapt to local market preferences, and we are thrilled to provide Wix merchants with a robust solution that will help them maximise their potential and successfully expand their global footprint.”


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