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VTB to Recycle ATMs and POS Terminals After Decommissioning

VTB and Ecopolis Corporation have launched a project for the recycling of electronic waste and equipment with expired service life. Servers, uninterruptible power supplies, racks, storage systems, and workstations have already been transferred for processing, and ATMs, POS terminals, and office and household appliances are planned to be transferred.

VTB’s ATM network includes more than 16 thousand devices that are located throughout the Russian Federation, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, and equipment can be decommissioned in any region.

The average lifespan of the device is determined depending on the technical wear and the relevance of the equipment line. An ATM is at the end of its life if it’s not subject to modernisation or repair. It’s also at the end of its life if it doesn’t meet the needs of customers, the requirements of legislation, or the rules of international payment systems.

“As part of the large-scale transformation of VTB, we are modernising the infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of our data centres. This leads to the decommissioning of a large number of used equipment, and it is vital that this is disposed of in a manner that has minimal impact on the environment. Our e-waste recycling project is another step towards improving the environmental situation and improving the quality of life of every person. In future, we plan to increase the volume of equipment sent for environmental processing. ” said Vadim Kulik, Deputy President and Chairman of the VTB Management Board.

As a result of processing electronic waste and equipment, copper, aluminum, zinc and brass alloys, printed circuit boards, ferrous metals, and plastics will be obtained. Up to 95% of materials and recycled equipment become secondary raw materials, from which completely different products can be made in the future – from car hoods to remote controls. For example, 10-15 door handles and a car door can be created from one recycled server rack, and 3-4 sections of the traffic light housing can be created from a recycled printer.

VTB pays great attention to the issues of environmental protection and reducing its own impact on the environment.


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