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As Climate Change Gets Serious, Fintechs Get Smart

Europe has always been the gateway and stepping stone for fintech startups. Climate change debates over the need to transit into a greener economy from a granular level have seen so many startups develop practical solutions from a digital technology standpoint on tackling these environmental issues.

Global technology giants such as Facebook and Google are playing their role by committing to 100% green renewable electricity to run their businesses; however, the million-dollar question is: Is this solution practical?

The Problem

vesboxInvesting in renewable energy for many years has been positive, with year-on-year exponential growth thanks to European subsidies. With subsidies now off the table, investors are exploring riskier markets investing in developing and emerging markets with no full understanding of all possible quantitative and qualitative risks their investment may encounter over its lifecycle (20-25 years). Many large companies have fallen into this trap, with the false assumption that “because the country is sunny or windy, it should perform great with a solar panel or wind turbine”, and many investments have failed due to this naïve assumption.

The Solution

Vesbox, a London based renewable energy fintech company have launched an innovative software platform that measures (in real-time), the financial bankability and sustainability of renewable energy assets in over 80 countries globally. The VesBox Platform identifies all possible quantitative and qualitative risk factors an asset will encounter over its lifecycle.  In addition, the algorithm quantitatively measures the risk severity relative to the asset providing the user a plethora of documentation. This includes: performance report analysis, financial report analysis, sustainability report analysis, and a host of other crucial reports required by investors.

The VesBox Platform identifies all possible quantitative and qualitative risk factors an asset will encounter over its lifecycle.

Simplicity of Use

The VesBox Platform was built for mass adoption, users don’t need any knowledge in financial modelling or ESG structuring to use it. Simplicity of use and interface ensure that even non-technical users will be able to fully understand the data it feeds back, making it a potentially indispensable tool for the financial service industry, consultants, project developers, researchers and academia

How Does It Work? 

VesBox has activated a trifecta; 1). The VesBox Platform conducts due-diligence checks on all associated quantitative and qualitative risks pertaining to the success of renewable energy investments in less than 5 seconds. Current industry timeframe exceeds 15,780,000 seconds (that’s a 6-month minimum); 2). Simplicity of use 3). It addresses the climate change and environmental agenda.

Vesbox have offices in London and Palo-Alto, contact can be made at or [email protected]


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