United Allied States (UAS) Designates Apollo Fintech as Official Technology Partner
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United Allied States (UAS) Designates Apollo Fintech as Official Technology Partner

 United Allied States (UAS) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Apollo Fintech (https://aplfintech.com/). Apollo Fintech is the leading technology company developing interconnected solutions for government.

The blockchain company is designated as UAS’s official technology partner, and will continue developing and maintaining the most advanced and efficient government systems available, for the UAS. Apollo’s innovations and capabilities will ensure the sovereign territory’s resources are secured and managed effectively.

“Our leadership team is excited to leverage Apollo Fintech’s innovation so that UAS can achieve its mission of efficiently maintaining free-market enterprise across all of its states and territories,” says Wessel Sevenster, Congressman of UAS. “We believe Apollo’s government products are at the forefront of egovernance and payment technology, these tools will give UAS citizens and businesses an economic advantage in the global marketplace.”

The goal of the UAS is to become the most advanced and efficient government on Earth.

Apollo Fintech Capabilities

The company will utilize its ecosystem of platforms to support nearly every branch of UAS government. Products that will be utilized include the National Currency System, Tax System, Government Bank Platform, Bank to Bank Network, Mineral Claim System, and many more.

The UAS will be utilizing Apollo Fintech’s National Currency Platform as the base of all other products. This platform utilized an unhackable, immutable ledger hosted on Apollo Fintech’s blockchain. The Tax System, in conjunction with National Currency System, can be adapted to nearly every tax model. It reduces red tape and the need for an internal revenue agency by making the collection process more efficient and transparent. This platform will act as the central system connecting most other government services. Nearly every government department will utilize Apollo Fintech’s blockchain technology.

“The Apollo team is thrilled to partner with UAS and support its vision of creating the most efficient, free-market government,” says Stephen McCullah, CEO of Apollo Fintech. “This partnership will showcase the full capabilities of not only Apollo Fintech’s products, but blockchain as a whole. It will show that innovative blockchain technologies can not only preserve individual liberty but also advance the civic and economic interests of citizens and businesses in a free- market system.”

The United Allied States (UAS):

United Allied States (UAS) is an independent, sovereign entity with the determination to become the freest and most prosperous nation on Earth. The nation promotes the values of freedom; respect for human life; and free-market enterprise.


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