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UnaCash Extends BNPL Offering to Point-of-Sale: Promotes Financial Accessibility for Filipinos

UnaCash, a people-centric instalment solution, upgrades its services by offering point-of-sale (POS) loans to every Filipino. This gives customers further accessibility to financing options through in-store exposure.

UnaCash‘s buy now, pay later (BNPL) feature now supports its customers at the point-of-sale and allows the purchase of merchandise from its merchant partners. As a result, this gives Filipinos a variety of lifestyle upgrades based on their respective interests and budgets, one transaction at a time.

“The newest UnaCash upgrade is in line with the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion. This strategic approach reflects the company’s commitment to support the unbanked population, and give better access to financial services,” Aleksei Kosenko, the president and chief executive officer of UnaCash, shares.

“Credit accessibility remains a strong need in the Philippine market. With this in mind, we wish to present a convenient alternative to consumers and process in-store purchases through UnaCash, as easy as buying everyday items at a grocery store.”

The upgrade of this BNPL solution aims to address the evolving financial requirements. Furthermore, it seeks to promote financial accessibility and stability to its consumers. UnaCash highlights its maximum loanable amount from ₱3,000 to ₱50,000 with the flexibility to extend its payment terms up to twelve months. With an interest rate that begins at zero per cent up to 10 per cent max, the new update allows its customers to have access to lifestyle improvements without straining their finances.

Partnerships leading to success

In addition, UnaCash is launching its POS loans together with a variety of products from its merchant partners. These range from smartphones, laptops, computers, appliances, furniture, and hardware. Highlighting its successful partnerships, this includes Laptop Factory, Faith Glorious Fit, Homeworks the Home Center Inc., Emcor, JTG Trading Inc., Save’n’earn, and Trendy Gadget. Its steady expansion will go as far as beyond the boundaries of Metro Manila. It will reach as far as Cavite, Rizal, Cebu and Davao.

Alongside the convenience being offered to its consumers, partner merchants are offered multiple sales channels. These include the UnaCash app platform, a unique QR Code for merchants for faster processing of in-app installment applications, and low and flexible merchant fees. Additionally, UnaCash works closely with merchant partners and provides the technology, financing, and support needed to generate successful financing programs at the point of sale.

The target is to create a platform to ensure that there are in-house processes that will support them in generating seamless and comprehensive sales performance.

“We maintain a high level of confidence that we will reach our projection of expanding our in-store loans across the Philippines. Moreover, we highly value the potential of the local market, as we do with our partner merchants. As a result, we will continuously provide innovative solutions and ensure that they each achieve the maximum visibility they need in the marketplace through the UnaCash platform,” Kosenko concludes.


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