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UK’s 1st Certified FINTECH Course ?

UK’s 1st Certified FINTECH Course takes place on the 7-8 Dec 2016 at the ESCP Europe Business School in London. Last chance to join the 2 day “Certified FinTech Course“.
The UK is already a global leader in financial technology and education, now for the first time decision makers across financial services will be able to study “fintech” at a leading UK university and receive a certificate as a result. The Course has been developed by ESCP Europe’s Business School in London in cooperation with FINTECH Circle Innovate and will include:
* Experts in disruptive finance and digital innovation
* Company CEO’s share real experiences and fintech solutions
* Delivered by top-tier professionals and faculty with latest insights
* Excellent networking opportunities with industry experts and collaborators
The fintech topics covered include global fintech megatrends such as crowd-funding, peer 2 peer lending, innovation across asset- and wealth management (“wealthtech“), insurance solutions (“insurtech“) and innovation in regulatory compliance (“regtech solutions” in the areas of compliance and fraud management). In addition, the Course covers blockchain technology and how distributed ledgers can be applied to financial services. Concrete applications of FinTech such as data-led lending and security innovation will be explained and CEOs of Fintech firms will share their cutting edge fintech solutions. New business models and enterprise innovation methods to integrate collaborative approaches towards the fintech ecosystem will be debated. Key strategic scenarios on how fintech will shape the future of financial services will be discussed. At the end of the 2-day course each attendee will receive a FinTech Certificate issued by ESCP Europe, ranked as #2 in the UK and #12 globally by the Financial Times’ 2016 University Ranking.
Only a few places are left – Register online here.


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