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Travel Expense Management Struggles Tackled By Mesh Payments’ Mesh Travel Management

Mesh Payments, the travel and expense management platform, has launched Mesh Travel Management. The solution can be adopted by any travel company while integrating corporate cards and automating travel policy enforcement. Additionally, Mesh Travel Management includes AI-enabled expense management tools. 

The expense management industry has long been behind the times when it comes to automation and accessibility across various organisations. With covid accelerating the need for remote work, and in turn, a break in travel, the development of travel payment management took a dive. With the need for flexible automated travel, payment, and expense management, Mesh Payments has launched its solution.

Globel-e success leveraging Mesh Payments

Global-e, the cross-border e-commerce provider, leverages Mesh’s expanding product offerings. “Our goal at Global-e is to simplify cross-border selling and eliminate any unnecessary complications. We choose solutions that take the same approach with our finance and operations teams,” shared Shahar Tamari, COO of Global-e.

“Mesh has been instrumental in solving critical bottlenecks in T&E, automating expense capturing and reporting, and streamlining the process for everyone involved.”

“The evolution to travel management is an organic one for Mesh. We listened to our multi-national customers as they navigated the complexities of corporate travel,” said Oded Zehavi, co-founder and CEO of Mesh Payments. “That’s why we are excited to deliver Mesh Travel Management as the ultimate solution for global enterprises seeking modern travel and expense management.”

Travel and expense management on a global scale

Mesh Travel Management’s key capabilities include:

  • Flexibility to use preferred and multiple travel companies, and the right blend of offline and online travel booking options, to best meet the specific travel needs of different regions and local operations.
  • AI-enabled travel and expense spend management with chat-based user experiences to streamline workflows.
  • Global visibility and reporting capabilities for travel and expense management spend across teams and offices.
  • Global compliance on every expense using virtual and physical cards with built-in policy controls and subsidiary-level tax compliance.
  • Multi-currency corporate cards give international entities the ability to issue local cards and settle in local currencies.


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