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Top Ways to Be Safe When Making Online Transactions

We actually no longer need proof to understand that the Internet could be a scary place. Just like in the real world, we have a lot of deceits, malice, and individuals that are out there to make quick cash. However, on the Internet, these criminals can carry out their doings right from behind the anonymity of a computer keyboard. Just like the spiders wait for insects to get caught in their webs, there are individuals on the World Wide Web waiting just for you to mistakenly enter your socials or credit card details into some kind of insecure or deceitful forms for payment. We all have to be very careful not to fall into their webs and securing yourself could actually be very easy. All you need is to follow a few simple precautions and you can be sure that you are avoiding the preying eyes of Internet fraudsters.

Basic Tips to Stay Safe While Making Online Transactions

  • Anonymous payments with bitcoin: As we all know that it is now possible for one to run several anonymous identities online, ranging from an anonymous blog, workers’ NGO to a parody twitter handle. But the problem still counts down to how to make payments without the need to associate your real identity. Bitcoin offers a new solution for those that intend running online financial transactions without letting their real identity out there. You can now make payment without anyone being able to associate it with your identity offline. This is possible due to the easy-to-set-up operating system that bitcoin runs on with the privacy software, encryption keys and the wallets with which you will use for communication and transactions anonymously.
  • Paydayloans: The fact that banks are now concerned about ensuring payday loans are secure makes it a safe way to settle online transactions. Are you in search of how to get a quick loan in Bulgaria? Now you can access your transactions right from your smartphone apps while making online transactions anonymously. Several reliable banks now offer various security options that become useful when making online transactions. These options include privacy, huge firewalls, bank encrypting codes, customised security software, additional password requirement for logging into your phone or computer, identity theft protection, 24/7 customer care representative, and so on.
  • Secure credit card purchases: As old as it may seem, using a credit card still remains one of the first rules of staying safe while making a payment online. This is because there is a better consumer protection that is attached to it and your liability can be kept between the $50 range. Moreover, there are cards with a zero liability policy that gives you a better security. So, avoid using the debit option because while you are still trying to report your card missing or compromised, the entire money in your account is at a big risk. Strictly use credit and not debit. And on occasions when you feel not too comfortable with a transaction, you can opt for a one-time use credit card – this produces a card number randomly that would be linked to your account but just for a one-time use. This way, criminals find it difficult to get their fingers on your information.

Aside from making online transactions, one very common trait to look out for is – never to shop directly through a link that was sent to your email. Even if it is one that you are familiar with, it is better to manually enter the website address into your browser before making any transaction. In general, follow these hints and keep yourself safe while making online transactions.


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