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Top Trading ICOs: Komodo

Komodo is a decentralised cryptocurrency with its own ecosystem which, the team promises, is privacy-concerned, fast, and safe. With ‘equality in mining’ as its motto, the system allows users with average equipment to compete with miners who own massive or specialised equipment, such as ASIC chips. Komodo’s code is a fork of Zcash, but the two projects are completely unrelated.

The blockchain uses a consensus mechanism known as dPoW (delayed Proof of Work) which, unlike the Bitcoin blockchain, doesn’t follow the longest chain rule. The team is experienced and well-equipped to produce solutions in the blockchain industry. The company is also developing its own Decentralised Exchange, called Barterdex, with features like Atomic Swaps, a liquidity multiplier, lightweight swaps, and decentralised ordering.

BitcoinDark was the progenitor of the Komodo Platform and is now dead. It had a feature to peg the value of its token to other securities by burning the token, which Komodo may incorporate in its platform. With this, the Komodo platform allows developers to use any programming knowledge to develop their projects. The company looks like one to watch and could become an investment worth examining for those who are in blockchain for the long term.

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