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Top 5 Upcoming Token Sales

In a crowded token market, it can be tough to make sense of those worth your attention or those for the bin. It’s even harder to know those worth your investment. Here is a quick and dirty guide to tokens that Novum Insights— the blockchain market monitor— consider worth watching.


Hetachain is one of a number of blockchain projects that improves interoperability between blockchains. The crypto market is keen to solve interoperability issues as projects need to be able to build on different blockchains. It is an advanced multi-chain platform to communicate between private chains and the parent Hetachain’s blockchain protocol. The project consists of smart contracts, Hetacoin, hot and cold wallets, Heta App Store, Blockchain feature-enablers, and other solutions to build the use-cases in smart banking, healthcare, e-commerce, trade, telecommunications, data management, investment, financial services, and other various industries. Hetachain aims to build a highly scalable blockchain platform with increased transaction speed and lesser energy consumption. Hetacoin will be used by the company or the user who wants to make the use of Heta Blockchain services to pay the ‘usage fee’. Hetachain is backed by a Dubai based investment firm named Relam Investment. The core team is supported by a team of mentors who are reputable entrepreneurs in the fields of finance, communications, and IT.


CoTrader is decentralising, democratising, and disrupting the $85 trillion investment funds industry by opening an online leading crypto asset investing and trading marketplace. The project has been dubbed ‘the Uber of Hedge Funds’ as anyone can create or join an investment fund on the blockchain. It will be better to call it ‘the Ethereum of Hedge Funds’ seeing the advantages CoTrader’s own blockchain technology will be offering to this project. One of the many advantages is to solve the complexities in investing in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other tokenised assets. CoTrader has already released its MVP that supports ICO futures and cryptos on the live and on-chain testnet structures. This release helped CoTrader to build trust in the market and back the project with a massive social media following. CoTrader also aims to trade non-tokenised securities like stocks, options, and derivatives by tokenising them. CoTrader consist of smart funds to support ICO based trades, CoTrader Protocol to implement a privacy- preserving zero-knowledge protocol with ring signatures, and CoTrader DEX to allow trading of crypto and tokenised assets


Commercial Real Estate leasing is going to become easier, securer, and faster with the help of blockchain technology. Agentmile is a start-up attempting to make this plausible. The use of AI in the Real Estate industry has made diligence checks and decision-making processes much easier. The data entered in the platform is unchangeable and this will help the investors to track an immutable trail of transfer and maintenance of the property. Agentmile is built by AgentDrive, a corporation with more than 1000 employees across 100 corporate clients in over 20 countries. The company will also exercise the smart contract benefits for better cash flow management, lower transactional dependencies, and reduce the burden of middlemen with automated procedures. The team already has built a prototype and is now working to optimise the product to its full potential. The team members are located in Estonia and Hong Kong


The crypto industries still face shortages of fiat gateways and Unifox aims to remove this shortcoming. The project wants to bridge the gap between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies with its own blockchain technology and a stable coin called Unicash. The startup also wants to contribute to the adaptation of cryptocurrencies. They will be achieving this by making cryptos spendable on point of sale terminals which will allow users to buy goods and services online, using cryptos. The Unicash coin can be used to pay blockchain related fees, security fees, and other utility fees since the entire ecosystem contains a single token. Since the token will be pegged to fiat currencies, the team has decided to keep the supply of tokens limited. This step has been taken to keep the tokens unharmed from inflation. 60% of the tokens will be distributed in the ICO, 25% will be distributed among the team, and the rest will be utilised for the advisors, bounty programs, airdrops, and other future activities. The primary objective of the team is to build a Unifox exchange and make Unicash a currency. The executives of the team are competently skilled in the financial market and cryptocurrency industry. The team has experienced advisors from a large variety of industries and the developer team is also well- equipped with their skill set to succeed in this project. Unifox does not have any special features but its simplicity can make it a painless solution for investors to trade crypto assets and real assets together.


There is much focus in crypto markets on creating a regulatory compliant security token, however it is not easy. Mobu is being introduced as a decentralised platform to launch compliant security tokens with its own MOB20 protocol to standardise all the regulatory requirements for any ICO. The regulations covered are Reg D, Reg S, and Reg A+. The MOB protocol will offer a variety of services including KYC/AML checks, legal and technical support, fiat to crypto conversions. These services will be provided by third parties. This will help MOBU to build a healthy community of service providers and receivers. Moreover, the MOB protocol provides investor verification and escrow accounts services, other legal support, technical support, and fiat to crypto conversions. The MOBU token is the currency for the entire ecosystem and is itself a utility token. The team members are based in South Africa and have a substantial amount of blockchain development experience. The company has set the hard cap at $35 million. The crypto industry is still in need of a security token platform and MOBU has well identified this need.


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