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Time Consuming Reporting Removed for Saldo Finance With Inventi’s Connector Bundle

Founded in 2006, Saldo Finance provides financial services to consumers and SMEs in Finland, Sweden and Lithuania. In October 2021 Saldo Finance was granted an ECB’s specialised banking license in Lithuania, opening up the possibility of operations in all European Union countries.

Saldo’s competitive strength is based on a fully automated lending process with a proprietary scoring system that enables fast and secure, customised loan offers in a responsible way, while taking into account the market characteristics in different countries.

“Access to payment processing will not only improve Saldo’s existing operations, but mark a new chapter for our introduction of new financial services. Inventi expertise and products help us to keep the momentum for growth and focus our development resources on our unique product portfolio,” says CEO at Saldo Finance Jarkko Mäensivu.

Inventi Connectors were launched to cover the backbone of fintech operations. SEPA Connector provides an effortless SEPA access via CENTROLink platform. STI Connector automates the reporting procedures with the State Tax Inspectorate of Republic of Lithuania. PLAIS Connector automates the handling of account Locking, authorisation holds, amount Transfers (write-offs) and hold cancellation requests.

“SEPA access or regulatory connections have long become a commodity. There is no value for fintechs to devote time and resources to in-house development tasks that do not provide a competitive edge. Saldo Finance presents an ideal case, where the use of plug-and-play products reduce complexity and time-to-market,” says head of products at Inventi Jonas Nasliunas.

Inventi Connectors are available as subscription-based SaaS products, with Inventi ensuring continuous support and product updates. In the words of Jonas Nasliunas, this approach helps to clearly estimate long-term operational costs.

Saldo Finance is powered by Mambu’s cloud banking platform, where Inventi Connector products are available as ‘off-the-shelf’ plugins.

“Inventi is a trusted partner, with its payment processing capabilities augmenting the Mambu core. This project with our customer Saldo Finance is an example of the versatility of our cloud banking platform. Built as a composable toolkit, Mambu allows financial service providers to design atop our technology to best fit their needs. We look forward to working together and keeping innovation high for the established consumer lender as it shapes modern financial experiences for its customers in the Nordics,” said Serkan Ünal, head of partners for Northern and Central Europe at Mambu.


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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