The First Food Data Intelligence Software in The Middle East Region Launches in The UAE by Richie Santosdiaz for The Fintech Times
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The First Food Data Intelligence Software in The Middle East Region Launches in The UAE

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), NutriCal is the first food data intelligence software in the region with a vision to equip food businesses with pertinent information they can use to attract and retain customers. With dynamically changing trends in the consumer preferences and increased competition in the food industry, the recipe management software serves as a beneficial and differentiating tool. 

Ideal for a wide range of applications, NutriCal can be easily integrated by restaurants, cloud kitchens, food delivery companies, aggregators, food manufacturers and brands. The web portal provides automatically generated nutritional fact labels as per FDA guidelines in English and Arabic, macros in the menu and break-up of each of the recipes on the menu.  In addition, with digitisation and online being the core focus of the sector currently, food and beverage (F&B) companies can also use NutriCal to create new products, conduct recipe costing and design relevant social media. Another added advantage is that NutriCal perfectly complements the growing demand for healthy eating and immunity bolstering with the calorie count meter that helps customers to make a calculated decision.

The user-friendly system has data and intelligence of over 25,000 ingredients from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other international databases with the capability of being integrated into the business’s existing tech platforms such as websites and POS systems.

Soniya Ashar is the founder of NutriCal
Soniya Ashar, the founder of NutriCal IMAGE SOURCE PROVIDED

Soniya Ashar, the founder of NutriCal said, “Our long-term vision at NutriCal is to be able to match the consumer’s preferences to a business’s food products and recipes. NutriCal resonates with the dynamic food and beverage market of the UAE and we are hopeful to contribute to the nation’s vision of being happy, healthy and sustainable. Ultimately, with our solution we want every food business to attract customers and increase revenue as their consumers are able to make a satisfactory and informed decision about the food they consume. Having received a positive response from the UAE market, we have plans to expand our business line in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We see immense opportunity and potential in the GCC region and would want to be instrumental in bringing about a positive change in the offerings the food industry has to offer.”

Ashar adds, “Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an evident shift in consumer behaviour. They are now demanding greater transparency into sanitation and food offerings by restaurants. Demand for healthy food has risen to unprecedented levels too. Therefore, food service providers and food delivery companies that display nutritional and caloric information for menu items are allowing customers to take better control of their wellbeing.

Aligning itself with the UAE’s National Agenda for 2021, NutriCal is launched with an objective to enable F&B industries to be more conscious about the food they have to offer, while ensuring customers are making more well-informed choices to suit their changing lifestyles.

On a final note, according to a 2018 F&B report of the UAE by KPMG, The UAE continues to lead the F&B market in the Middle East region. The food industry is the second largest sector in the country and F&B, according to Mena Research Partners estimates, in the Gulf Cooperation Council will grow around 7.1 per cent annually, reaching $196 billion in 2021 from $130 billion from 2018. Of course, the current pandemic would affect global economic growth. Nevertheless, innovations are happening still and companies like Nutrical are encouraging the food business to use the latest technology frameworks to curate menus and provide intelligence.


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