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FinTech Australia and Upplft Launch Fintech Recruitment Tool

FinTech Australia, the nation’s member-driven organisation, and talent platform Upplft have launched a new tool for the ecosystem, aimed at helping to retain talent within the fintech ecosystem.

The tool, ‘The Big Match’, aims to connect job seekers in the fintech industry with new roles that become available in the ecosystem. The tool looks to help fintechs fill job roles with available candidates with prior experience. The Big Match looks to allow startups and early-stage businesses to hire those with experience working for companies at similar levels.

While highlighting a focus on catering to fintechs looking to hire, the tool also places equal emphasis on individual talent. The Big Match is free to use for individuals, who register to be included in the matching process. The tool does not require CVs, instead opting for a questionnaire that must be completed.

The recruitment tool charges businesses a fee for listing job availability, although FinTech Australia members receive free registration. These members also receive reduced flat fees for placement.

Introducing ‘stability’ to fintech recruitment
Rehan D'Almedia on The Big Match recruitment tool
Rehan D’Almedia, general manager of FinTech Australia

Rehan D’Almedia, general manager of FinTech Australia, explains the issues that ‘The Big Match’ tool aims to solve. He commented: “Talent requirements are constantly shifting within the fintech ecosystem. There’s always a demand for new talent from fintechs. And in other cases, companies may require new skill sets as they grow and change direction.”

“By introducing this database, we’re aiming to add an extra element of stability to the fintech talent market. We also want to retain fintech talent within the ecosystem, and ensure new emerging companies are both aware of it and have access to it.”

FinTech Australia has explained that it is setting out to ‘build a strong community, and foster connections while supporting innovation and regulation’. The association has also been busy expanding, adding a number of companies to its membership roster.

Neil O’Donnell, founder and co-CEO at Upplft, also spoke on the need for attracting experienced talent. He explained: “Finding, attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for any business, particularly in the current market. We continue to help and provide support to the thriving fintech ecosystem across Australia and make people aware transitioning from other industries that there are still many great opportunities in the fintech sector.”


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