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Telling your company story with corporate videos

Over the past few years, the video has grown from a trend to dominant content consumed by millions of people every day. Unsurprisingly, it became a crucial part of almost every marketing strategy. It’s effective, engaging, delivers your message and connects with your audience better than any other type of content

Corporate videos have become a traditional way for businesses to communicate with their target audience. Read the article and find out why they are one of the favorite marketing tools for many companies across the globe.


Company culture


A corporate video is a form of a video created for the public, and it’s focused on the company, its culture, and employees. The difference between this video and the rest is that corporate videos put people in the spotlight instead of the company’s products or services. Corporate videos are also called “company culture videos,” corporate culture videos” or “recruiting videos.” Such videos demonstrate company values they bring to their employees or customers, and that is why they can be excellent material for recruitment as well.


Each company has its own culture. We can define company culture as a set of values, practices, and beliefs shared by employees of that company. In other words, it’s something that employees have in common and want to share it with others. Company culture can be demonstrated through a wide range of the company’s activities, and the most engaging among them are corporate videos. Therefore, many businesses choose to create corporate videos as they connect on an emotional level with their audience.

Benefits of creating a corporate video


For businesses, there are many benefits in regards to corporate videos. From the HR point of view, it can attract the best talent to come and work for your company. Sharing your culture with the audience will show them why should they work there as well. Corporate videos also build credibility and trust by highlighting people as your most important asset. Not to mention that these videos are far more engaging than reading a text about your company history, values, employees and mission.


The whole digital world has turned to video. That means that search engines, like Google, are also preferring video over any other content. Moreover, a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s search results than a traditional web page. So, including corporate videos in your strategy will help you connect with your viewers by providing them information in a form they love.



Production costs


As there are various companies that offer video hosting or simply video solutions for businesses, it’s quite simple and cost-effective to create your own corporate video. You don’t need a fancy, high-quality production team to create a great, engaging, creative and effective video material. The options are limitless, and the total cost depends on the choice of equipment, person/team in charge, and additional factors.


To create your corporate video, you can record with a smartphone camera or even buy a camera for a decent price. If the price is not one of the concerns, you can hire a video production professionals who will make sure you get the video you need. Additional factors such as lighting, microphones or a studio room will also affect the total price, but you can record a high-quality video without them.


Don’ts of the corporate videos

After a company decides to create a corporate video, there are a few things to avoid if you wish to achieve great results. Each video has to have a script and making that script sound unnatural and forced will reject the viewers. Visual effects can really add that special spark to your video, but be sure not to add too much of them. Unnecessary elements might hurt the overall video. Also, when including a narrator into a corporate video, they should sound natural, and their voice shouldn’t dominate the video.


Avoid awkward transitions. Actually, avoid anything that might seem unusual or unnatural. That applies to the words you use in the videos as well. For instance, think about the words that are included in almost every corporate video, such as ‘revolutionary’ or ‘one of a kind,’ and replace them with words that will say more about your company.


Best practices


Regarding length, the corporate video should be shorter rather than longer. Two minutes should be the limit as it is enough time to present a company and everything it stands for. In case of a larger amount of video material, it would be best to separate them into a series of shorter videos with specific themes. For example, the first corporate video can show how the company was established and take the viewer on a journey from the first day to the present. The second one can have employee testimonials in which they share their experience of working in that company. The third video can show a recent team building event.


When choosing a location, don’t go far. The company space is what will add that personalized touch to your corporate video. Shooting a video in a location not related to your business will affect the credibility of the video. Use offices, conference rooms, kitchens, hallways, stairways, and so on. In the post-production phase, the person who is in charge of creating the corporate video should edit the video, so it follows the storyline you’ve decided on in your first phase.



Corporate videos are a great way to present your company to a wider audience. When the video is done, why not share it on your social media channels or through a newsletter? All these communication channels will help you show your company story and engage your viewers as only a video can.



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