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TechTrust Launches FinTech Talent Hub to Help Close Industry Skill Gap

Techtrust, a tech staffing firm exclusively focused on fintech, has officially launched its ‘FinTech Talent Hub’, a new talent database aiming to support the industry with top-tier technical expertise.

Situated in New York City’s financial district, Techtrust equips fintech leaders with a robust pool of vetted technical experts, enabling efficient attraction, retention, and nurturing of top software and IT talent in the US.

Techtrust’s AI-powered hub addresses fintech skill gaps in a rapidly changing tech industry. According to a recent MIT Technology Review study, over 50 per cent of global tech leaders are concerned about a shortage of candidates, with 64 per cent also citing a lack of necessary skills or experience.

Techtrust’s online FinTech Talent Hub platform serves as a comprehensive catalogue of top technical talent specialising in the fintech sector in the US and offers an efficient, reliable, and high-quality resource to fulfil fintech’s specialised technical staffing needs.

Aditi Jaiswal, CEO of Techtrust, fintech talent
Aditi Jaiswal, CEO of Techtrust

Aditi Jaiswal, CEO of Techtrust, explained the need for the new talent platform: “We’ve suffered the pains of ineffective technical hiring over the years. This is why at Techtrust, we know first-hand what is needed to streamline the hiring process and empower the next wave of fintech through technical talent.

“Our FinTech Talent Hub is a major contribution to fintech leaders seeking top talent, as well as technical talent looking for a workplace suited for them to thrive.”

Each candidate that makes up Techtrust’s FinTech Talent Hub is rigorously vetted and accredited by Techtrust and technical assessment platform CodeSignal.

Supporting candidates and hiring managers alike

Candidates are pre-screened, have fintech experience, and score high enough to be Techtrust Certified in
high-in-demand skills such as data engineering, cybersecurity, and architecture. This certification ensures that clients access only the most skilled and reliable talent.

BK Bhate, co-founder and investor at Techtrust, explains: “At Techtrust, we empower both hiring leaders and job seekers with the knowledge and resources needed to succeed. Our investments take us one step closer to helping candidates improve their careers while enabling hiring managers to onboard talent faster.”

Techtrust, having secured a $5million seed round in June 2023, affirms industry confidence in its vision. This funding not only established an unparalleled talent database, but also fueled the launch of a new knowledge centre.

Techtrust’s knowledge centre serves as a hub for practical tips and best practices, catering to the needs of hiring leaders and job seekers aspiring to make a significant impact in the fintech industry.


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