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Tarabut Gateway Launches Virtual Hub To Empower Youth And The Wider Community

  MENA’s largest Open Banking platform; Tarabut Gateway (TG)  will launch their ‘TG Hub’ in the month of May to give back and empower the community amidst the challenging situation. This comes in line with TG’s larger goal of fostering an inclusive financial culture in the Kingdom. The TG Hub will be a free to access, virtual comprehensive platform available to both individuals and businesses.

The virtual platform will roll out 3 programs with a focus on educational awareness and community engagement. In terms of education, the hub will create e-programs;  free online, simple and concise learning videos that will provide access to various online learning platforms, resources and toolkits, delivering  crucial skills to help build experience in various subject areas. The programs will be presented by local and regional entrepreneurs, plus business owners whom will share their insights, and perspectives to support startups and individuals to prepare and lan.

Through the hub, university students will have the opportunity to apply for virtual internships. The 1-month online internship program is offered to all university students with the opportunity to gain coursework credit. The internships are targeted towards students curious about a career in FinTech, and will have the opportunity to participate in FinTech projects (covering areas including; research, partnerships, value proposition development and more), whilst also being part of Tarabut Gateway’s team virtually. Part of the internship program, students will have the opportunity to attend online lectures run by global FinTech experts and leaders sharing their rich insights, and experience.

Lastly, in terms of guidance and support, the TG hub will host online Office Hours, which are 30 minute consultation sessions by TG’s team of seasoned experts. The sessions are open to the community including individuals, corporates and startups that would like to get business growth advice on their business model, including how open banking can help them, and their business ideas.

Abdulla Almoayed – CEO & Founder of Tarabut Gateway “This is a challenging time for everyone – individuals, businesses, startups. We are all facing major disruption in our normal operations and daily routines. We wanted to create a space online to provide guidance and offer opportunities to the different segments of the community, in an accessible way.  This is our time to shift our resources to help others become adaptable, and to consume content that will help them continue, to do more.”

He added, “Now is the time to take advantage of  digital technologies when it comes to learning, awareness and engagement. Creating relationships online can be quite limitless, and that’s the silver lining of this challenging time – we will experience that together via all our initiatives as a country.

Tarabut Gateway views Financial Inclusion as a huge enabler of impact, and are pushing the envelope for financial accessibility. In line with their vision to foster and promote financial inclusion,  earlier this year, the company launched a national campaign that is ongoing until the end of the year creating accessible, simple and clear content to highlight the opportunities for consumers, and the collaboration prospects for banks and FinTechs.

About Tarabut Gateway

Tarabut Gateway is MENA’s largest Open Banking Platform, and the only Open Banking sector by developing a universal API. It is the first platform in the region to provide access to a global network of banks and FinTechs that allows money and information to flow securely, instantly and at a low cost. Tarabut Gateway is the first licensed Account Information ServiceProvider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP).

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About Almoayed Technologies

Almoayed Technologies, a privately-owned investment and digital infrastructure company serving governments and financial institutions across the MENA region. It has a clear vision to help transform the MENA region into a world leading digital economy by investing in game-changing companies across Fintech, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, and Cybersecurity. As part of Almoayed Technologies, Abdulla founded Tarabut Gateway – the first company licensed to deliver open banking in the MENA region, and the leading provider of open banking infrastructure in the MENA region.

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