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DreamQuark: The Sustainability Imperative for Financial Services To Embrace Responsible AI

The Fintech Times
Nicolas Meric of @DreamQuark discusses how financial institutions can implement the use of ethical #artificialintelligence to cultivate environmentally friendly outcomes in the post-Covid era. #GuestPost...

Finastra: Accelerating the Journey To Open Finance – Leveraging Platforms and AI

Tyler Smith
Citing the recent ‘Financial Services: State of the Nation 2021’ survey, Vincent Pugliese, Senior Vice President of @FinastraFS discusses how the use of #artificialintelligence within...

Following Significant Investment, Scottish Fintech Aveni Launches NLP-led AI Tool

Tyler Smith
Having secured a £1.1 million investment from TRICAPITAL Angel Investors, the Scottish #fintech @Aveni_AI has developed #AveniDetect - an NLP-led automation platform that will allow...