Swarm Announces New Protocol for Security Token Trading
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Swarm Announces New Protocol for Security Token Trading

Swarm, the blockchain for private equity, has announced the release of its Market Access Protocol (MAP) for tokenised security trading. Currently, there are several qualifications that must align for security tokens to be traded compliantly. For a transaction to be rendered fully compliant at the point of execution, parties must confirm the existence of valid credentials for each participant, and also ensure adherence to token requirements and restrictions. Swarm’s Market Access Protocol provides a streamlined solution that facilitates the efficient flow of compliant transactions while offering both privacy protection for participants and regulatory compliance.

“Existing whitelisting solutions are highly demanding on investors and infeasible for qualification providers and exchanges to adopt,” said Philipp Pieper, CEO of Swarm Fund. “With MAP we are releasing an open protocol that enables participants in the security token market to interact based on essential privacy, incentives, and integration efficiencies. MAP will be a catalyst for the next wave of growth in crypto investing.”

Swarm’s MAP contains a graph of protected data that can instantly surface whether or not a particular wallet is compliant with the requirements for any security token transfer. The MAP graph shows whether a wallet has been validated against a set of qualifications (including KYC/AML, accredited investor, and geographically-based rules), which Qualification Providers provided that validation, what the associated costs are, and whether the validated data is congruent to the rules for the security token subject to each transaction. MAP does not contain personally identifiable information connected to each wallet.

AP will enable the entire industry to build and innovate in respective areas of expertise while connecting in a standardised way. This framework empowers the entire security token market, including centralised and decentralised exchange models, to grow faster. As a compliance ledger and open-data oracle, third-party wallets and blockchains can incorporate MAP into their compliance structures. The open and decentralised protocol enables all of the above without reliance on any middleman – including Swarm itself.

Click here to find out which tokens could be traded using Swarm’s protocol.



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