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Staying Ahead of the DeFi Curve With Learning Pathway

Alpha Development, a global learning provider to financial services institutions (FSIs), in partnership with XD Academy, providers of a Web3 crypto learning and certification platform, have announced the global availability of a decentralised finance (DeFi) learning pathway for FSIs.

The learning pathway empowers L&D (learning and development) teams to anticipate and support career paths that prepare their organisations as centralised (CeFi) and decentralised models of finance continue to converge – and established FSIs partner, compete, and interact with emerging fintechs and their technology.

Developing and improving DeFi training

Through this partnership, Alpha Development and XD Academy will provide in-depth DeFi training courses. They will also provide learning pathways that cover topics such as smart contracts and decentralised exchanges. This is in addition to exploring the different types of platforms and exchanges, examining challenges and risks, and more. Professionals who want to learn how to develop and implement DeFi solutions are the target audience of the courses. This is in addition to those who want to explore career opportunities in this exciting new field.

The future of DeFi

“Throughout our 20-year history, Alpha Development has developed innovative new products to support our clients in the financial services industry. This includes sourcing best-in-class partners, and we are excited to partner with XD Academy to offer this solution. It is made for the rapidly evolving landscape associated with decentralised finance and digital assets – from both an opportunity and risk management perspective,” said Paul Monk, CEO at Alpha Development.

“DeFi is growing in scope, as established FSIs and even central banks consider DeFi solutions and products. FSIs are developing DeFi solutions in three primary areas – transaction banking, wealth management and capital markets. Meanwhile, asset and wealth managers are considering if crypto assets can be valuable diversification instruments. I am delighted to respond to the conversations we are having with our own clients with the launch of this new DeFi learning pathway.”

XD Academy CEO, Lawrence Linker, added: “Our mission is to provide top-notch training that helps individuals and companies stay ahead of the curve in their industries. We’re excited to partner with Alpha Development to offer training that empowers professionals to take advantage of the opportunities in the blockchain and digital asset space.”

The DeFi training courses are available in virtual, hybrid and in person learning formats. This makes it easy for professionals around the world to access them. The courses will include interactive assignments and hands-on learning activities to ensure that participants gain practical experience. Upon completion, participants will receive a digital badge that attests to their knowledge and skills in DeFi.


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