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RarePink: New technology meets jewellery

As an online company, for RarePink, trust and transparency is critical to building a respected brand. We are fortunate enough to work with customers at a time where a simple question translates into a life long commitment and promise. As most of our items are bespoke engagement rings, our customers really care that their ring design is one-of-a-kind and that it will remain this way. It becomes a part of the unique bond which has formed, somewhat of an emotional fabric of the relationship. It is for this reason we assure them that each design is made from the mapping of their thoughts and ideas into a truly unique piece. Just as the promise is a one in a life time, so too is their ring and so too is the commitment from Rare Pink.

With emerging technology surging through industry, Rare Pink is at the forefront of embracing these platforms to enable a better customer experience and to protect the promise for the customer. Our existing ethical policy already uses the Kimberley Process, and while this process has proven to drastically reduce the occurrence of conflict diamonds, its paper-based approach is not as rigorous as that of the technology underpinning Everledger when you consider the power of smart contracts and the blockchain.

We hope to be able to proudly say that our ethical sourcing and unique design policies are promises that we can now proudly back- up with technologies that are of the highest security and transparency.

Whilst the diamond industry has been focused on ethical sourcing, the success of these efforts are often blind to the consumer. Enabling the blockchain, and exploring the use of Everledger, enabled another level of transparency to our ethical sourcing policy. Moving beyond the source of the stone, and now we can also protect the designs of our customers and give them a view into this protection through the digital vault technology.

A massive additional benefit to our customers is that their design is also protected and thus available for future use should their first ring be lost, stolen or damaged. We look forward to assist out customers in getting their ring insured and increasing the speed through which we can re-make it should we need to where the customer trusts Rare Pink to deliver again on its promise.



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