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Marieke Flament, Managing Director for Europe at Circle Lets Us Know Why Circle Could Change the World

Circle is on a mission to make it possible for everyone, everywhere to create and share value, using open internet standards and protocols, including blockchain technology, to build their products. Circle Pay, Circle’s flagship app, allows people to send money easily between £, € and $ and for free. 

Circle has also expanded its offering to create Circle Trade, becoming market makers for the top crypto currencies and offering OTC trading services to institutional investors. Circle Invest has expanded this offering to individuals, allowing people to invest in crypto without the cryptic. The recent acquisition of Poloniex addresses another key element in Circle’s vision and product foundation: an open, global, token marketplace.  

At Circle we believe that eventually, all digital and physical assets will be tokenised, enabling not only monetary value to be shared seamlessly, but for other assets to also be recorded and stored on the blockchain, reshaping the global economy to become more open and inclusive. Smart contracts, which are built on blockchain, can be designed to dramatically reduce the cost of transferring value or services. They can allow people anywhere to tokenise and share any asset, while creating an undisputable record of ownership. Due to this concept, two parties who do not trust each other can interact and trade with one another. It is a peer-to-peer network with no need for trusted third parties. Whether that means farmers selling tiny portions of their land to consumers with digital wallets, an individual purchasing fractional ownership of their favourite piece of art, or a commuter not purchasing a car, but owning a token that lets you drive any car, paid by the second. Undoubtedly, Circle believes this rapidly evolving innovation will lead to a more prosperous and open global economy.  

The major challenge for Circle and others working with blockchain technology, is how to increase mainstream adoption, by both consumers and institutions alike, and provide simple, easy to use products that are accessible to everyone, using decentralised systems.


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