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SoftPay Tap-to-Phone Solution Becomes First to Accept BankAxept to Support Norwegian Merchants

Softpay, the tap-to-phone solution has become the first firm of its kind to accept BankAxept, the leading card scheme in Norway, as part of its advanced payment solutions – to ensure fast and secure transactions for both merchants and customers.

During the pilot phase, through successful partnerships with Plantasjen, Kristiansand Dyrepark among others, the integration of the Softpay technology with the payment scheme from BankAxept demonstrated high effectiveness.

BankAxept has become hugely important to the Norwegian economy, facilitating a significant portion of in-store transactions with its cost-effective and widely accepted payment system. The integration with Softpay enables merchants across Norway to access fast, secure, and versatile payment options, enhancing the customer experience.

With Softpay, merchants can use an Android device to accept BankAxept cards in-store, at pop-up locations, or for deliveries, providing mobility and reducing transaction costs.  Softpay is already used successfully by both small merchants including local hairdressers or restaurants and by enterprise and global merchants such as fashion, health and beauty, and sports retailers.

‘Merchants are going for more software-based solutions’

Halvor Kaafjeld, head of Softpay in Norway, commented: “Although we will probably see the traditional payment terminal in the market for quite some time to come, it is clear that the trend is towards merchants going for more software-based solutions where they no longer need the physical payment terminal.

Halvor Kaafjeld, head of Softpay in Norway
Halvor Kaafjeld, head of Softpay in Norway

“Many of the Norwegian cash register systems are already integrated with Softpay so that the user site can easily get started with running both cash register and payment applications on one and the same device.

“Not surprisingly, we experience great demand for BankAxept, which is a very cost-effective, secure and fast payment method. This is super good news for all existing customers and not least for those who are dying to get started but have been waiting for this to come into place.

“I would also like to add that all of us from Softpay who have been involved in the project are very satisfied with the project implementation. It has been a pleasure to work with both BankAxept and BITS and we look forward to a further good partnership with BankAxept.”

Softpay’s platform supports various acquirers, card schemes, and digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.


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