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Semrush Finds Tesla Most Searched Stock to Invest in in 2020 World Data Trends Review

Semrush, an online visibility management platform, has released new research “Semrush World Data Trends: 2020 Year in Review”, using global data from Google searches and website statistics to share insights about the year we have had.

2020 proved to be more challenging than expected, people around the globe turned to the internet to find answers, solace and guidance to what happens next. Even without the Covid-19 pandemic, this year has been one of social change, seen several natural disasters as well as the debut of major pop-culture milestones. It has been anything but a quiet year, and with over 18,000 average monthly searches asking “What will happen in 2021”, it will be interesting to see what comes next.

According to the data, the most trending google searches were:

  • George Floyd
  • Dilhan Eryhut
  • Vicki Draves
  • Covid-19
  • Hurricane Laura

Given the year we have had it makes sense that Covid-19 would be on the list, with almost 60 million average monthly searches since January 2020. 20% of the most trending searches were related to the Black Lives Matter Movement, with “George Floyd” inquiries skyrocketing by over 41.3 million per cent in May 2020.

Investing in 2020

The report also included some business insights, featuring data about investing searches that happened over the year. The top “Invest in…” searches were:

  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bitcoin
  • Gold
  • Oil

With the impact of Covid-19 affected almost every business sector across the globe, investments will help determine which markets will be stable enough to sustain the pressures of Covid-19. Stocks are the most sought after investment option, with a search term volume of 559.5k, trailed by real estate with 128.7k. Currency remains a popular item of interest, making up 20% of the top 10 investments list, with 43,978 and 30,990 average monthly searches for investments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, respectively.

The top “stocks to invest in” searches were:

  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • NIO

Tech stocks continue to be a favoured investment this year due to the digital transformation 2020 has seen, with 70% of the most searched for stocks relating to tech products, services and platforms. Tesla took the top spot with 90% higher average monthly search volumes than Apple stock. Amazon comes in third, which makes sense due to the huge boom in e-commerce and the inability to buy things in stores due to lockdowns, and was the most visited e-commerce site with an increase of 24% in web traffic.

To find out more or to read the report in full click here.


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