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Searching for Mana: Why is the Mortgage Industry So Archaic? | Richard Hayes, Mojo Mortgages

Mojo Mortgages CEO and co-founder Richard Hayes tells Lloyd Wahed how he went from studying music to founding a leading UK online mortgage broker, that disrupts the sector through its hybrid of smart tech and human mortgage experts.

After their Series A funding of £7.6 million, mojo has excelled, recently being the finalist at the British Bank Awards 2021. With their acquisition by RVU (the owner of Uswitch, Confused.com and Money.co.uk) underway, this is set to be a monumental deal that will enable mojo to set its vision to scale faster and have a greater impact.

Richard has over ten years of experience in the financial services sector, this, combined with his passion for technology, is the driving force behind Mojo. On the podcast, Richard and Lloyd discuss the reason Mojo didn’t just focus on the mortgage broking service, and expanded into the development of their own suite of APIs, the creative and musical traits that make so many great founders and what it takes to disrupt the archaic mortgage sector. Plus, Richard shares his favourite books and how to balance family life whilst leading a successful fintech startup.

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Episode Highlights:

02:12: The Acquisition annoucements

04:44: The potential of UK mortgages 

13:48: The first mortgage broker with the API suite

17:49: Who’re the right people to be on the right problems 

24:37: From music to a fintech founder

33:34: A book guide for founders

42:21: Disrupting the mortgage industry

51:43: Richard’s Mana


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