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Searching for Mana: What’s Next For Blockchain in Financial Services? Fintech Week London 2021 Panel

Speculations, hypes, doges, icos, nfts aside.. what’s next for blockchain in financial services? How can this underlying technology disrupt the banking system? 

This week we are presenting a very special panel session which was part of Fintech Week London 2021 and broadcasted live from Barclays Rise. We hear from Chris Skinner, author of the Finanser, Marcus Treacher, board director of ClearBank and ex-Ripple, Haydn Jones, PwC Director and Blockchain Specialist and the very Simon Taylor, co-founder and blockchain lead at 11:FS.

Big thanks to our co-organizers Erlang Solutions, the éminence grise behind some fintech projects of Klarna, Mastercard, and Bloomberg LP

Who this panel is for:

– All invested in the London FinTech ecosystem

– Decision-makers in financial services

– CEOs and founders setting the pace in the FS startup space

– FinTech scale-ups looking to accelerate growth

– CTOs, lead architects & senior developers wanting to share and gain domain knowledge

Why you should listen:

–  To discover where the real business value exists from blockchain away from the hype

– Learn from those at the cutting edge of the tech powering FinTech’s next steps

– Find jargon-busting real-world use cases from tech and business level experts to reduce costs, improve processes and gain a competitive advantage


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