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Searching for Mana: Post-Easter Economic Outlook for Q2 2021 | Michael Brown, Caxton FX

In this week’s podcast episode, Michael Brown (Senior Market Analyst, Caxton FX) joins Lloyd Wahed for a special Post-Easter episode tackling the latest economic developments.

Since joining Caxton FX in 2016, Michael has shown an impressive knack for predicting developments in the foreign exchange markets. In this episode, he shares the economic outlook after Brexit and vaccination programmes and tells us how the equity market will change in 2021. Plus, Michael warns us about zombie businesses, the potential buyer’s remorse on the housing market and the dangers of late stimulus packages.

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Episode Highlights:

05:29: Brexit so far

09:04: Currency market outlook

12:00: How will we travel this year?

17:45: Future of office working

21:11: Michael’s big advice for this year

23:30: Equity Market: Stay-at-home stocks versus Reopening stocks

28:00: Is your pension investing in Bitcoin?

29:20: UK house prices and potential buyer’s remorse

32:55: Zombie businesses and unemployment


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