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Searching for Mana: Hacking into Blockchain Due Diligence | Kamil Gorski, Tokenguard

In this week’s Searching for Mana, TokenGuard CEO and Founder Kamil Gorski joins Mimi Nguyen, Mana Search‘s R&D Head for an enlightening chat about due diligence in blockchain, smart contracts, ICOs and more! 

Tokenguard is the first automated rating agency for Ethereum and other blockchains. The technology aggregates the best techniques for ICOs / smart contracts automated verification, allowing investors, VCs and banks to check the project they want to invest in. 

Together with Blockhunters – the mother venture of this project, it has previously received a whopping $2.3M grant from the EU European Regional Development Fund for their R&D activities within the blockchain security space. Touching on everything from crypto and DAOs Kamil and Mimi talk everything blockchain has to offer. Then they dig into Kamil’s fascinating past as a hacker and his entrepreneurial journey including setting up a hardware startup.

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Episode Highlights:

01:38: Automating due diligence

15:15 How to regulate blockchain?

25:14: EU grants for blockchain R&D

37:24: The hacker’s past

41:50: Kamil’s Mana


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