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Satispay Reaches 1 Million Users In Italy

  • After reaching 100,000 affiliated merchants a few days ago, Satispay consumers’ community have reached another important goal and now keep demonstrating their generosity by raising 800,000 euros to be donated to the Italian civil protection department

After achieving the important goal of 100,000 merchants affiliated to their network, Satispay – the revolutionary young Italian fintech company – reaches another essential goal: one million active users in Italy.

These figures reflect a significant change in Italians’ payment behaviour and confirm that Italy is becoming more and more open to innovation.

For merchants, Satispay has always been a partner that guaranteed a significant decrease in  handling fees – payments over 10 euros do not even have any handling fees –  and a way to strengthen drive to store initiatives for new customers and create loyalty among the existing customers. But during the pandemic outbreak Satispay has also started to be seen both by consumers and merchants as a prevention tool to tackle the emergency by guaranteeing peer to peer money exchange as well as in-store payments without either handling money or touching the POS device, thus keeping the safety distance required by the Government.

It is indeed during the lockdown that Satispay services have been mostly appreciated. In fact, during the past two weeks, Satispay’s features usage increased by 30%. Among the most used services there are mobile phones top-ups, any kind of slips payments, and donations. This last service in particular awoke the generosity of Satispay’s users who have donated more than 800,000 euros to the Italian civil protection department so far; a number sure to increase in the next few days.

 Alberto Dalmasso CEO and co-founder of Satispay: “We have been waiting and working to achieve this goal for a long time now. I would love to celebrate this moment all together in our headquarters and not during a national lockdown, but maybe it is important to have achieved this goal right now. This shows us that our efforts and sacrifices can take us to great results. The million-user goal makes us think about our next goals; in our minds, we want to reach 10 millions users but besides the numbers it is important for us to stop for a second and think about how the world is evolving – even during this difficult situation – and ask ourselves how Satispay can more and more simplify everyday’s life, both in Italy and in the rest of Europe, in order to become the most used financial tool in Europe.


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