Santiment engaging with university researchers to develop cryptocurrency sector

Santiment are a pioneer in developing objective research and data for the cryptocurrency sector, and have conducted analysis on impact of social media sentiment on returns.

Research aims to provide insight into drivers for crypto prices Santiment, the world’s first crypto-market datafeeds platform is making an open database, and expert-curated content streams as the first blockchain-specific data vendor, has formally announced its partnership with researchers at the University of Hamburg, Concordia University Montreal, and the Blockchain Research Lab.

The partnership between the data service provider and the university professors aims to produce pioneering insight and research into the factors and variables that can influence cryptocurrency prices. Particular emphasis is placed on the role social media can have on investor sentiment and valence, initial findings support the claim that price movements can be predicted by monitoring mass sentiment through Twitter feeds.

Maksim Balashevich, CEO and Founder said: We are very excited to be working with these researchers in developing such ground-breaking research in this all too often misunderstood area of finance. Collective sentiment and how this is expressed through social media provides crypto investors with a unique insight as to when they should buy and sell. Impartial research, information and data collection needs to reflect the meteoric growth of the cryptocurrency industry’s market capitalisation in the last few years.

Santiment’s partnership with the researchers aims to provide objective and impartial papers and information for people looking to enter this rapidly growing area of finance. Much of the work will be published formally in various academic journals.

About Santiment: Santiment is the world’s first blockchain-specific data vendor. Built by traders for traders, the network gives participants an information edge over the competitors thanks to machine-to-machine datafeeds, machine learning analysis, an open database of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.


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