Revolutionary New Software In the Flight Delay Compensation Space Launched

The company behind flight delay compensation app airFair has developed an advanced claims management platform which it believes will change the face of the flight delay compensation industry. 

Fintech specialist Allay has launched the new software, known as FlightDeck, to quicken the claims process for both airline operators and consumers on a global scale. Created in-house by Allay’s software development team, FlightDeck uses cutting-edge technology to automatically validate a claim. This removes time and cost for all involved, improving the likelihood of clients’ claim success whilst significantly reducing the administrative process for the airline.

The innovative platform will spearhead airFair’s claims approach, having been already built into the airFair website and soon to be released in an upcoming version update of the airFair iOS and Android app, and in an industry first is set to be made available to help third party organisations, like airlines, tour operators and claims management companies, work more effectively.

Travel industry professionals including airlines would save time and cost with FlightDeck as the software has the ability to process claims with greater efficiency, developed to handle an unlimited number of enquiries. In time, businesses including travel agents and flight booking websites could begin to offer a flight delay compensation service to its customers by using FlightDeck.

New benefits to consumers looking to investigate a flight delay claim with airFair range from the quickened process; as version one of FlightDeck is increasingly user-friendly with multilingual support available, allowing consumers to investigate a claim wherever they are in the world; as well as keep up to date with the status of a claim, right through to when payment is made.

Steven Bell, managing director of Allay, said: “Since entering the flight delay compensation space our development team has been building FlightDeck to revolutionise the marketplace. We believe that it is the most advanced software of its kind out there at the moment.

“While the new software will greatly benefit airFair in handling a larger scale of claims, saving time and improving the customer journey, we also believe it has massive potential to help airlines and other businesses in the travel industry. We have ambitious plans for the future of FlightDeck and its presence in the industry with a vision of sharing this one-of-a-kind technology which we have developed.”

As well as working on version two of the platform, the company is developing a feature which would allow the general public to introduce potential flight delay claimants to airFair via the website and app, and receive payment for doing so.

Bell added: “At Allay we are constantly working on new and existing software, which includes version two of FlightDeck, as well as a new affiliation scheme. We have now handled over 2 million consumer complaints in the financial mis selling sector and the application of our processes and automated technologies into other claims markets, like flight delay, is just the start of our wider expansion program.”

Visit airFair at or download the app for free on iOS and Android.

Finlay Magowan, Quint Group


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