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Recordsure Strengthens Compliance Offering With The Bunker

Analytics and automation tech company, Recordsure, is evolving its offering with the help of data centre and managed service provider, The Bunker. 

Recordsure, which has been growing with the help of The Bunker since inception in 2012, provides advanced machine learning technology to highly-regulated organisations, enabling them to gain business intelligence and efficiencies, whilst ensuring that all professional interactions, including face-to-face meetings, phone conversations and written communications, are compliant with strict industry standards.

As Recordsure’s infrastructure has grown in maturity, The Bunker has enabled the company to migrate from a fully-managed service to a secure self-managed solution, allowing it to benefit from colocation services at The Bunker’s ultra-secure Newbury site and continue to meet the complex compliance needs of its clients. 

Recordsure will now be able to benefit from multiple layers of resilience within the data centres and the network, which ensures constant availability and connectivity of their mission critical systems. The company will also be able to harness an intelligent remote hands service, which frees up internal resources within the internal IT team by delegating tasks to a dedicated technician at The Bunker. This provides Recordsure with continued flexibility as it grows, whilst maintaining the same strict security protocols. 

Joanne Smith, founder and CEO at Recordsure commented:

“Our clients include high-profile organisations such as government departments and major retail banks, who deal with sensitive data and for whom the highest levels of security are absolutely essential. As regulatory compliance specialists, we knew the lengths we would need to go to in order to meet stringent security requirements and were delighted when we found a provider who could accommodate our needs.”

“The Bunker’s continuous support from start-up to now has massively facilitated the company’s growth. The transition in that time has been natural for both of us and will no doubt continue to be as we develop our offering further.”

Phil Bindley, managing director at The Bunker added:

“Whether small or large, a start-up or long-running organisation, it’s integral that any modern organisation has security at its core. As well as the expected benefits, embedded security can help generate significant growth and adhere to strict compliance mandates, especially in specialist markets such as the financial sector.

“Recordsure’s dedication to strengthening its offering through security has resulted in exponential growth for the company. It’s this, combined with its compliance background and continued drive to create innovative new AI solutions that will drive the company towards even greater success.” 


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