Quality of Life: 3 tech developments that will unknowingly make your life easier

Technology is rapidly evolving, and surprising us each day by cutting corners and innovating. But it isn’t just about impressing us with the latest gadget or gizmo. It’s also about making things faster, easier, and simpler than ever to use. Many of us don’t even realise that the technology we use is breaking records on a daily basis, and so here are three examples of tech developments that will unknowingly make your life easier.

Electric Cars

As the earth’s fuel deposits begin to dwindle, and concerns for the environment continue to rise, electric cars are growing in popularity. There is a certain social stigma of unease revolving around these types of cars, and there are other common shortcomings associated with them, such as their increased weight, reduced range compared to petrol or diesel, and often unachievable price point.

Despite these shortcomings, cars with electric motors will be much more common in the years to come, as we as a society aim to reduce our emissions, and they are also much more advanced than typical cars, with better acceleration and the ability to self-drive. It has been said that the processors in Elon Musk’s Tesla cars, for example, are so advanced that they can outthink human performance when driving. Self-driving cars are, for the most part, safer on the road, and stories reporting crashes of the vehicles are typically caused by unpredictable human error.

Augmented reality

Despite technology and its growing prevalence in business allowing us to complete tasks and work faster, many companies are looking forward to see how they can take things further, by overlaying technology onto our everyday lives, and using it to see how projects might look when completed. This is where Augmented and Virtual reality technology comes into play.

Construction and development is just one of the many avenues aided by the lens of augmented and virtual reality. Home and interior designers use AR and VR apps to overlay furniture onto their existing space to see what it might look like post-renovation, to see whether their customers are happy. Property investment companies, such as RW Invest, for example, use VR to aid buyers and investors in their off-plan investment offerings, using the immersive technology to show them what their purchase might look like whilst it is still in construction phases. This has become an invaluable tool in the property sector, as its fast-moving market is full of new builds.


You might have heard about it through conspiracy theories and social hysteria in the news, but 5G is a revolutionary upgrade to mobile network infrastructure, that again will improve quality of life performance on your existing devices without you having to lift a finger. Not only will the improvement allow people around the world to connect faster and better than before, but the improvement will even help traffic and transport machinery.

You might think that the increased frequency the tech operates on is melting your brain gradually, but this is a natural progression in technology that will increase connectivity hugely. Data speeds are set to be faster than any home broadband network available, and up to 100 times faster than 4G. Given that 4G was released as a vastly superior upgrade to 3G not too many years ago, it seems as though the gaps between progression are also shortening.


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