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QR Code Innovation Will Pave the Way for Blockchain Adoption in Marketing

As QR codes re-emerge as a popular tool for the world’s biggest brands, gaming blockchain company Enjin has released a powerful wallet update, called ‘Enjin Beam’, which allows users to scan a QR code and receive digital assets. 

This could solve a major problem for brands seeking innovative ways to increase customer engagement and lifetime customer value. Enjin anticipates the technology will have a major impact on a range of retail, advertising and technology companies as they will use it to reward users with discount coupons, unique collectible items, tokenised prizes and other rewards. 
QR Codes & Collectibles
In addition to the recent QR code trend, the huge success of Pokémon Go has proven that consumers love collectibles. If issued today, the digital assets in Pokémon Go could exist in Enjin’s integrated solution, as well as being exported, traded, loaned, sold and much more. 
Retailers can now emulate the success of the Pokémon franchise by using gamification to enhance customer engagement. Scannable QR code integration delivers rare collectibles, bonuses and incentives that can be traded, and most importantly, engage consumers. Discount tokens can be transferred to retail customers face-to-face or through websites, and rewards can be given to audiences, customers and employees—all via the quick scan of a QR code.
“We’re very excited about the latest QR code feature, as it will bring a new level of accessibility to blockchain items,” said Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov. “Enjin Beam will reduce existing barriers to blockchain technology, enabling any company, association or group to create QR codes and offer blockchain items, such as collectibles and discount vouchers, to their users. This universal feature will boost mass adoption of blockchain technology.”
Enjin envisions their platform being used in real-world promotions by retailers, in which customers would scan QR codes and receive tradable blockchain assets. By tracking assets from creation throughout their life, the technology could also have applications in other sectors like media, for tracking access to a licensed piece of content such as a movie or song, or manufacturing, for tracking of real-world parts and products.


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