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Push and Baker Technology Partner to Deliver Bespoke Real-Time Trading Systems

Push Technology, the pioneer and leader in real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, today announced  a partnership with Baker Technology, a specialist user interface software engineering firm. Baker builds bespoke trading systems for global investment banks and exchanges, with a core focus on single-dealer and exchange trading systems, and real-time business intelligence applications.

Through the partnership, Baker will use Push’s Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform to provide a single, secure, unified gateway for distributing and synchronizing shared data models out to their on premise and cloud based trading systems built in HTML5. Push and Baker can offer financial service firms the compelling option of outsourcing UI development to Baker.

Using Diffusion, London-based Baker Technology reduces the development time it would spend writing the network stack to connect their user interfaces to a variety of data services. David Bull, Director at Baker Technology, said: “The Diffusion Real-Time API Management Platform is a big benefit for us because it provides a common gateway into our clients’ micro services via a single API. It manages fan-out, scaling, and high availability for the large global systems that we build. Diffusion reduces both complexity and build time for our development teams.”

The Solution
Efficient, high-performance, and highly scalable data management and distribution is a key component of Baker Technology’s development projects. Diffusion provides a secure, unified method of distributing and synchronizing data models between the server and client tier. By using Diffusion as an edge tier, the Baker Technology development teams can reduce the time required to connect the disparate back-end data sources to their bespoke front-end applications.

An ongoing benefit of the Diffusion platform is that teams start with an Enterprise hardened platform for handling real-time data distribution. This reduces development and go-to-market timelines for new applications, by allowing developers to concentrate on business deliverables rather than low-level technical infrastructure.

The powerful combination of Push and Baker provides the following advantages:

  • Clients have access to software development teams with deep expertise in delivering bespoke trading user interfaces,
  • Single platform for connecting and distributing trading application data in real time,
  • Multiple browser-to-server protocols with transparent switching depending upon network availability,
  • Seamless failover management among different server nodes,
  • Easy test environment set-up with permissive development licenses,
  • Simplifies and accelerates bespoke application development.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, said: “Working with partners like Baker Technology, we remove the challenges and complexity of real-time data management and distribution from the development equation.  Our Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform provides secure, highly scalable, and reliable, real-time data delivery required by organizations today.  This is crucial for financial services firms with on premise systems and for those who want to reap the benefits of the cloud.”

David Bull concludes: “Using Diffusion de-risks & simplifies our development. With Diffusion, we eliminate a high proportion of technical risk in a project.”

Diffusion is the only real-time API management platform that combines pub/sub, request response, and time series in a single unified SDK.  It is purpose built to securely stream real-time data from all data sources – its proprietary delta data streaming technology only sends updates when data changes, substantially reducing the amount of data sent and bandwidth usage costs. Diffusion simplifies and speeds development, deployment, and scaling of customers’ systems, providing peace of mind that data is securely managed and efficiently delivered in real-time.


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