Product Review: Artificial Intelligence At Home And The Workplace With Huawei by Richie Santosdiaz for The FinTech Times
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Product Review: Artificial Intelligence At Home And The Workplace With Huawei

In celebration of artificial intelligence (AI), The FinTech Times looks at various ways it has impacted fintech and our wider everyday lives. Huawei has made AI a foundation for its wide range of products.

Due to the current pandemic, much of the world had to instantly work from home overnight. AI in the home also became AI in the workplace but in one’s living room or bedroom. What has helped much of society go on have been our various devices to help integrate both our home and work in a digital transformation by necessity. Recently, the Huawei MateBook X launched across various markets. It is the latest addition to the Huawei MateBook line-up, transforming how consumers can work in this new era of mobile productivity.

The device has various innovations for an immersive experience like the 3K Infinite FullView display with full touch screen and the latest 10th generation processors and an overall smart experience with Multi-Screen Collaboration as a part of Huawei Share.

The FinTech Times, had a chance to review the product and it had some unique characteristics, showing an example of AI in our homes, work and our current working home scenarios:


Video is a brief overview of the laptop 

The design of the new Matebook X overall is impressive. It is catchy, shiny and light and has something that distinguishes it from other Huawei products. Nevertheless, it has a consistency that automatically recognises it as part of the Huawei family.

First, it is really light in terms of its weight. Featuring the series’ signature aesthetics, the MateBook X launched with significant enhancements to portability due to its ultra-light and thin body – it weighs only one kilo. Its slim form factor is very durable, possessing a lightweight aluminum unibody. An advanced spraying process is also employed to produce a smooth finish on the surface, adding elegant style to function; this is noticeable upon first look of the laptop.

Second, in terms of its colour, it is inspired by the iridescent mother-of-pearl and glitter powder with two glitter-infused colourways: Silver Frost and Forest Green. It gives it a very professional and personal look, especially at present as many of us are working from home as our work lives have integrated at home.

Another unique feature of the laptop is its display. The new HUAWEI MateBook X is the first laptop to feature the Infinite FullView Display. It is achievable with a borderless design that offers a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio. Its unobstructed screen presents an immersive experience which was seen when trialing out various functions such as watching YouTube. In addition, the display is also multitouch-enabled with gesture support, such as Fingers Gesture Screenshot, which allows users to quickly take a screenshot by swiping downwards on the screen with three fingers, as easy as with a smartphone.

The MateBook X’s clickpad is the first to feature a HUAWEI Free Touch, offering an expansive space for navigation and creative expressions and supports haptic feedback for a more tactile experience. The Huawei Share tag is now incorporated within the clickpad, which provides easy access to the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature.


The Huawei Matebook X weights only one kilo
The Huawei Matebook X weights only one kilo

What is really interesting with the laptop is their The Multi Screen Collaboration feature. In a nutshell it enables seamless collaboration between smartphones and PCs. Once a smartphone is connected to a HUAWEI MateBook X, the smartphone screen is integrated into the laptop with a picture-in-picture window. This allows for easy drag-and-drop file transfer but also to allow the PC to directly open and edit files on the smartphone. It is a unique technology feature that helps facilitate ease of working from home or in the office (for much of the world at present).

The Multi Screen Collaboration also has instant hotspot which provides one-step access to Internet via tethering.  Users can also catch up with family and friends by video or audio calling them conveniently from the device.

The Multi Screen Collaboration has an upgrade compared to its predecessor by allowing to open up to three mobile apps at the same time for multitasking, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.


The MateBook X delivers the performance that consumers need to smoothly tackle day-to-day tasks. Featuring a 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor and up to 16GB RAM, the HUAWEI MateBook X has the essential performance to support a smooth experience across typical productivity and multimedia use cases. Wi-Fi 6 support ensures internet connection stays fast and stable even in crowded locations, with speeds up to three times of Wi-Fi 5.

It has key AI and smart functions such as its privacy function. User privacy is protected by the Fingerprint Power Button, which combines the fingerprint reader with the power button to securely authenticate user identity when the device is switched on, effectively replacing the login password on the Windows Welcome screen. Further on privacy, the unique recessed camera design affords peace of mind for users by embedding the camera into a key cap that is easily accessible and pops up only when required by the user.

Overall, in celebration of AI at home and the workplace, the Matebook X, which also joins its sibling the Matebook ProX, is a unique device. As Huawei is very much in its foundation for AI and smart solutions, the review of the product ends with a quote from Keith Li, Country Manager, Huawei Consumer Business Group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Speaking in regards of the Matebook X launching in the UAE, Li says, “Under the All-scenario Seamless AI Life strategy, Huawei focuses on offering the most intelligent experiences in five major scenarios: smart home, smart travel, smart productivity, smart health and multimedia. In the PC category, Huawei is taking the lead to steer the industry towards intelligent solutions.”

Whether the pandemic continues well into 2021, our work and home solutions such as our work and/or personal laptops allow for as much digital solutions as possible. AI has played a part even in something we take for granted as our laptop purchases.


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