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Plend Looks to Expand Access to Credit, Enabling Businesses to Offer BNPL ‘Alternative’ to Users

Plend, the dedicated B Corp personal lender in the UK, has launched an embedded credit API enabling partner organisations to offer their users affordable and sustainable credit directly.

Plend is aiming to broaden access to credit for over 20 million adults in the UK who are held back by outdated credit scores and infrastructure. The new ‘powered by Plend’ API enables organisations, customer-facing platforms, and institutions to embed affordable and longer-term credit options within their existing user journeys.

The API enables firms to integrate affordable and longer-term credit into a third-party customer journey or at point-of-sale. Plend also explained it will provide the full onboarding, regulatory, payments and funding required for the customer journey.

The ‘powered by Plend’ API simultaneously runs a fully automated KYC, fraud and credit assessment in under 10 seconds, enabling high-quality customer experiences, alongside higher acceptance rates.

Robert Pasco, co-founder and CEO of Plend
Robert Pasco, co-founder and CEO of Plend

“‘Powered by Plend’ is the next evolution in our mission to expand access to fair and affordable credit,” explained Robert Pasco, co-founder and CEO of Plend. “We now empower businesses to support their users with an affordable and longer-term alternative to BNPL, directly within their platform or app journey. With Plend, our partners know their customers are receiving the highest quality support and outcomes from a B Corp Certified ethical provider, benefitting both their customers and the wider community.

“How people use credit is changing rapidly; the jump in BNPL usage is an example of changing customer habits for point-of-sale financing. It’s important that customers have ethical alternatives available for more complex life events, and with the powered by Plend API, we can ensure that businesses will be able to positively impact their communities, fostering inclusivity while still driving growth.”

Assessing real spending habits

Plend utilises a proprietary credit risk engine, ‘The PLEND Score’, to address inherent flaws in the traditional credit system. Currently, over 20 million adults in the UK struggle to access affordable credit due to inaccurate or invisible traditional credit files.

The PLEND Score leverages customer-verified data from open banking to assess their real spending habits and affordability, providing a more inclusive alternative.

Plend provides high-quality customer care, as well as ethical wrap-around support to ensure that customer outcomes are both sustainable and responsible.


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