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Paymentus Enhances Healthcare Billing and Payments Integration With Epic MyChart

Paymentus certifies real-time bill posting on Epic MyChart; one of the most widely used patient portals in US healthcare.

Paymentus enhanced its current electronic bill presentment and payments (EBPP) platform integration with the electronic health records provider Epic.

Epic’s portal MyChart is used by 150 million patients across the US to access doctors’ records and information regarding their health.

The enhancement to the existing integration is set to enable patients to check a payment due date and complete a payment in the same MyChart environment they use to check their health records.

Real-time payment posting will grant patients an overview of their healthcare transactions, while the software simultaneously reports functionality and revenue flow information back to providers.

The EBPP also facilitates third-party flexible payment options with no minimum balance requirement, in order to allow patients to maintain the healthcare they require in the midst of the rising cost of living.

Healthcare bills are the single largest source of personal debt in the US, outweighing all other debts combined. At the same time, healthcare is reportedly the most difficult industry in which to make a payment, according to a recent study by US Bank.

“Delivering clear billing and payment information directly through the MyChart portal and expanding the universe of payment methods and options for patients helps mitigate the confusion often associated with healthcare bills and reduces missed payments and collection issues that can impact healthcare services,” explains Paymentus founder and CEO, Dushyant Sharma.

“Patients can focus on their physical health and providers can improve their operational processes to recognise more revenue, faster, with fewer complications.”

The Paymentus Instant Payment Network’s (IPN) billing and communications features were designed to drive action, increase adoption and encourage on-time payments through cost-efficient payment methods. Such features aim to improve patient satisfaction while optimising revenue and minimising payment delays and delinquencies for healthcare providers.

Patients can use the network to personalise how they view their payments and billing information, while various notification features work to encourage timely payments.

The IPN supports a variety of payment methods, including ACH, secure IVR, text, email and chat, as well as payments through digital wallets.


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