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Paylink Solutions Announces Fundraiser for Mental Health and Tech Charities

Staff at Paylink Solutions are pedalling with their best foot forward to raise money for two charities this month.

The fintech’s Grantham-based office space will host a bikeathon on 14 July, with all members of its staff invited to take part in the five-hour event.

The event is being held to raise money for the mental health charity Mind and the tech-based charity Computer Aid.

The British charity Mind provides mental health support and advice services across the UK, and is highly involved in lobbying the government on mental health-related issues.

Not-for-profit Computer Aid is a pioneer in digital inclusion and has provided 14.5 million people across the world with access to digital equipment and digital education since its founding in 1997.

The fintech will continue to raise funds for these charities throughout the remainder of the year, with July’s bikeathon being its first fundraising event.

Two bikes will be set up with participants taking turns to cycle as far as possible during their stint. The fintech has also added an element of competition to the fundraiser by allowing spectators to guess how far each rider will cycle during the day.

Joe Clarke, Head of Operations at Paylink Solutions
Joe Clarke

The company’s head of operations, Joe Clarke, emphasised the importance of mental health to the company in an official statement, adding that while its priority was to raise funds for the two charities, the company also wanted to raise awareness around mental health within its own office.

“As we are a fintech company, we also wanted to raise funds for a tech-based charity too,” Clarke added. “Computer Aid has helped over 14.5 million people worldwide and we share their messaging, as we also believe technology has become a necessity for education as it creates a better learning environment.”

Other fundraising activities have been planned throughout 2022, with leg waxing, a half-marathon and abseiling among the list of events before the year is out.

Donate to the company’s Mind fundraiser here, and its Computer Aid fundraiser here.


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