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Unilever Japan & ADK Partner with EnvisionX to Trial Digital Advertising Campaign on Blockchain

UK based adtech vendor EnvisionX and Japanese advertising agency ADK have announced their first successful blockchain campaign in conjunction with one of the world’s largest brand owners, Unilever. The PoC was performed using EnvisionX’s EXChain platform, the company’s blockchain offering aimed at providing enhanced campaign accountability, transparency and fraud protection.

The campaign is a milestone in the global advertising sector as it has demonstrated the readiness of the EXChain advertising management platform for full commercialisation and validated its ability to run real, transparent advertising campaigns using blockchain technology at scale.

It was conducted as a full end-to-end operation including all the relevant digital advertising stakeholders, i.e., brand, agency, DSP, SSP, technology vendor and publisher. The campaign was fully automated and also independently reconciled the participating DSP and SSP platforms’ fees with the agency, which were proven by EXChain to be 100% accurate.

Zheng Zhang, CEO at EnvisionX told TFT:

“EXChain has developed a unified protocol which enables existing fraud protection and viewability vendors to “plug in” their technology to the EXChain ecosystem and make the application of their technology more efficient and effective in a real-time manner. This will significantly reduce today’s manhours invested in approving, disrupting and agreeing on a valid invoiced amount. EXChain also developed internally a location verification feature which is offered in the existing packages. Clients who subscribe to EXChain’s Advanced and Enterprise packages enjoy the location validation for free, which leads to significant savings from location fraud.”


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