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Ondo Finance Lands in APAC to Offer Tokenised Products

Investors across the globe want to have access to the US investment market. However, this is not always possible due to regional regulations. Opening access for those in the Asia Pacific, Ondo Finance, the on-chain finance firm is offering its tokenised products to those in the region. 

Ondo currently offers three tokenised products: OUSG, providing exposure to US Treasuries; OMMF, providing exposure to US money market funds; and USDY, providing a yield-bearing alternative to conventional stablecoins. The expansion coincides with the region’s growing interest in digital assets. It has been spurred by factors like a thriving crypto community, evolving regulatory landscapes, and increasing interest in exposure to US assets.

Welcome to the team
Ashwin Khosa as vice president of business development
Ashwin Khosa as vice president of business development, Ondo Finance

To facilitate this expansion, Ondo opened its APAC office and appointed Ashwin Khosa as vice president of business development in the region. With nearly 10 years of Hong Kong-based institutional business development experience at Citi, Tether and Bitfinex, Khosa brings to Ondo both substantial understanding of on-chain finance and deep knowledge of the Asia Pacific market.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Ondo team and building out our presence in APAC,” said Khosa. “The team is top-notch and the mission of bringing real-world assets on-chain is extremely important. I look forward to working closely with partners in the region to help investors gain access to this next generation of high-quality assets.”

“We’re very excited about our expansion into APAC,” said Nathan Allman, founder and CEO of Ondo. “There is an active and rapidly growing crypto community and an appreciation for the type of high-quality exposure to US assets that our tokens provide.”

This most recent announcement comes on the heels of several major announcements by Ondo over the past few weeks such as its strategic roadmap, which lays out its view of the current state of the industry and its high-level plans over the next 24 months.

Building on growing momentum 

The expansion was announced following the completion of previous milestones. Most recently, Ondo launched the Ondo Points program to reward community members and increase awareness of products in the Ondo Ecosystem.

Participating in the community and DAO, using Ondo products and services, and engaging in the three campaigns provide opportunities to earn points. The first is a wasted stablecoin interest competition; the second is rewarding the community and the last is rewarding the ecosystem.

In late December, the company also partnered with Mantle and Solana. As a result, it brought USDY to their chains in addition to a proposal to release the ONDO token lock-up.


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