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NUS Business School Students To Enroll in ‘Conversations With Chintai’ Fintech Educational Series

The Singapore-based blockchain startup Chintai has come together with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School to launch an experimental industry sharing series called “Conversations with Chintai”, in a bid to boost fintech education across the country.

“Knowledge is power as long as it’s shared” is the driving principle behind the collaboration between Chintai and the National University of Singapore Business School, who are working together to develop industry-focused expert panel talks with MBA students in the emerging blockchain space; commencing this month.

The “Conversations with Chintai” series has created the opportunity for fintech practitioners to share their real-life experiences directly with the students in an honest, open and candid manner.

The Conversations with Chintai series will cover topics to deepen the knowledge of students, including blockchain technology application for digital assets, compliance in digital assets and fintech entrepreneurship.

These open-talk sessions will take place once a month, running from January until April 2022. The programme will allow students to fully manage, coordinate, and host these conversations with guidance from Chintai’s experts, whilst providing them with the exposure and knowledge for a complete learning experience. The series will be driven by student committees from the university’s Entrepreneur Club, Finance Club and Technology Club.

The importance of industry-specific education is something that has been advocated for time and time again throughout the pages and headlines of The Fintech Times. Many industry leaders view this form of education as the essential missing link in the transparent adoption of fintech, and it’s an area that has been previously addressed throughout our News & Views podcast.

Chintai was established in 2019 to promote the application of blockchain technology to modernise capital markets for banks, financial institutions, and asset managers. The company’s mission to democratise access to digital assets has progressed significantly ever since achieving a $7.5million seed funding led in May 2021 by B1 and Cryptology Asset Group and opening the Singapore office in November 2021.

Ryan Bethem, co-founder of Chintai
Ryan Bethem

“We approached NUS Business School because we believe company success is based on fostering individual and communal growth,” said Ryan Bethem, co-founder of Chintai. “Conversations with Chintai will give us the opportunity to contribute to the education and growth of some of the brightest minds of the next generation. We are honoured that NUS Business School has formed this partnership with us to help promote standards of business excellence that are a part of our greater mission to create a fair, transparent, and inclusive financial system.”

Joane Yuen, Head, MBA Experiential Learning, Graduate Studies, NUS Business School, added: “We are very excited over this sharing series as it is our first time collaborating with Chintai. This collaboration provides our MBA students with experience in organising Fintech-related events, while at the same time allowing them to learn directly from industry experts and giving them valuable experience outside of the classroom setting.”

Chintai has also committed to participating in the internship programme with NUS Business School students. As Chintai scales up in Asia, it will continue to play an instrumental role in the Singapore fintech ecosystem as an active contributor.


  • Tyler is a fintech journalist with specific interests in online banking and emerging AI technologies. He began his career writing with a plethora of national and international publications.

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