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November at The Fintech Times: Paytech

Throughout this month, The Fintech Times is focusing on all things paytech. One of the broadest themes, paytech covers any technological innovation that changes the way we pay.

Often, fintech is thought to exclusively cover payment technology. While this is not the case, much of the news that crosses our desks is related to new ways to pay – and innovations are taking place right the way across the globe.

While paytech may seem like a simple concept at first, it is a very large theme, covering a wide range of sub-topics. Throughout the month, we will look at the evolution of CBDCs, digital payments, ethical finance, cashless providers, as well as new innovations.

To get the best understanding of the wide-reaching topic areas of paytech, we have reached out to several experts in the space to get their take on:

Ethical and sustainable finance
  1. How has the culture surrounding ESG changed in finance?
  2. How are fintechs already driving ethical finance? Can you provide any examples?
  3. What more can be done to ensure that fintech’s payment procedures are ethical?
Digital payment innovations
  1. What are the opportunities for fintech when it comes to payments?
  2. What innovations in digital payments can we expect to see in the next year?
  3. Does the ‘perfect payment’ exist? Will innovation ever come to an end?
  4. What will be the biggest payment trend of 2024?
  1. How likely is it that more countries will implement CBDCs soon?
  2. Are CBDCs inevitable?
Cashless trends
  1. With the rise of digital payments, how important is access to cash?

We’ll be revealing the answers from many of our experts throughout the month, so stay tuned!


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