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No Growing Pains for GoHenry as the App-Based Fintech Successfully Scales in the US

As the world increasingly moves cashless, fintech app gohenry prepares for further growth with accurate data integration from Jitterbit.

With schools reopening, children are yet again having to get used to a lot of change. Not least of all when it comes to money management. Social distancing measures and the majority of shops no longer accepting cash means kids need the tools and know-how more than ever to survive in today’s digital-first and cashless society.

Jitterbit has helped the prepaid debit card and app for 6-18-year-olds meet surging demand thanks to a complete data cleanse and low-code scalable integration platform.

gohenry has doubled its customer base every year for the last six years, with the team aiming to expand further in the UK and US in 2021.

Jitterbit’s technical expertise and deep knowledge of Salesforce, paired with its keenness to support growth at gohenry, meant that the process took just three weeks to implement from proof of concept. In addition, the IT team at gohenry was able to carry out much of the work themselves, directed and supported by Jitterbit.

With Jitterbit, gohenry now has a fully supported and scalable integration platform and an integrated data transfer mechanism with full alerting and monitoring capability. This will also expand into other areas across the gohenry infrastructure in the future.

Around 20,000 to 40,000 data updates are made every hour within Jitterbit, so data is continually cleaned. The system is self-healing and self-documenting, and it reduces time spent on manual tasks and checking for multiple teams: from marketing to IT and customer support. Jitterbit has cut technical debt, increased ease of scalability as the company grows, and provided a reliable and up-to-date data infrastructure for future expansion at gohenry.

Overview of results:

  • Full data cleanse to maximise efficiencies and support business growth.
  • Regular checks to keep data updated to 99.99% cleanliness.
  • Reduced customer service administrative time by 17% in Salesforce, creating a more lean, empowered and efficient workforce, with less demands placed on resources.

Louise Hill, co-founder and COO, of gohenry said, “With social distancing measures and school closures driving more and more people online, and many store owners no longer accepting cash, it’s imperative that kids learn to interact with money in the digital world. gohenry is empowering families to successfully do this by providing them with the financial education tools they need to help their children learn key pillars of money management – earn, save, spend, and give – in a real-life, and safe environment so that when they go out into the world they’ve got the money skills they need to navigate it successfully.”

When asked why Jitterbit, Jeff Faubel, CTO at gohenry replied, “We wanted a reliable and resilient solution that could scale with us, and was easy to implement within our existing architecture. After just a few months in production, Jitterbit gave us all of this and more and I’m very happy to have them as a partner on this project.”

“Empowering your customer teams with reliable, integrated real-time data is mission-critical – be that in the Fintech apps like gohenry, or in other customer-centric industries such as retail, telecoms and healthcare,” said Tom Ainsworth, Head of Customer Engagement, Jitterbit. “Many businesses have begun to embrace cloud services across their operations for all the agility and innovation opportunity that brings – but building, deploying and managing tens, sometimes hundreds, of API integration points internally is just not feasible in today’s business environment. At Jitterbit, we built the Harmony platform to provide integration as a service, lightening the load on CTOs and IT teams so they can focus on building resilient, scalable businesses that delight customers.”


  • Gina is a fintech journalist (BA, MA) who works across broadcast and print. She has written for most national newspapers and started her career in BBC local radio.

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