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News & Views Podcast | Episode 139: AI Hype & Transparency in Exchange Rates

In this week’s episode of News & Views, The Fintech Times Podcast team speak about why UK banks should be more transparent in their exchange rates and whether AI is here to stay.

Opening a discussion surrounding consumer trust in banks, we brought findings from Wise to the table about the amount of hidden fees consumers have been paying. We then speak about why challenger banks are so popular and how they are changing the banking landscape by fostering trust and transparency with their customers.

In line with The Fintech Times‘ monthly theme of AI, we then turn our focus to discussing the hype of the technology and whether it is here to stay.

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Read the articles discussed in this episode:

Will the AI Hype Die Down or Is It Here to Stay?

Wise UK Urges Transparency in Exchange Rates as £180Billion Hidden Fees Revealed



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